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again with the new logo

So, the picture of the girl made me tired every time I looked at the page. This logo was made for me by reader and prolific photoshopper Keiran. I thank him profusely. This is temporary. My husband has promised to draw something for me that has fuzzy bunnies, half naked women, satan and kittens. So I'm just waiting on that.


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Why is it always 'half-nekkid' women. Why is 100% in the Buff such a bad thing?

You can serve alcohol with half nekkied woman. You can't when they are completely sans clothing.

Satan AND kittens...now THAT'S big time!

I thought Goldstein had cornered the fuzzy bunnies market already.

Given my excessive fondness for Elastigirl, um, er, oh, never mind.

ColdFury has copyrighted Fuzzy Fuzzy Kittens, but I think the satan thing is still open.

BTW, I finally found a kitten here in Iraq. He/she/it is named Stinger :)


Now, if one could make it three-quarters naked women, I would be truly impressed...

I thought it looked as if the girl was dead and had been strangled.

So, he'll probably pull the tired old trick of showing half naked satanic Playboy bunnies sacrifacing some kittens. Yawn.

May I humbly suggest, Michele, that you hold a ASV logo competition. Let your dear twisted readers send you stuff you can sift through, laughing or grimacing as the "art" deserves.

I liked the girl logo :(

bunnies AND kittens?

Too many notes.

"You can serve alcohol with half nekkied woman. You can't when they are completely sans clothing."

That depends on the jurisdiction in question, Horatio. You can in several counties in south Florida, and in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada. Um, or so I'm told. ;-)

Your husband puts bunnies in there and the next thing you know John Edwards will be hitting your site just to look at the bunnies.........

I think you swiped that logo from "On Beyond Zebra."

It beats half naked bunnies and furry women.

New logo must die... I really liked the Rock-em, Sock-em robots, but I guess the election is over....

Uhh, shouldn't that be capital "S" Satan? I mean, he is the anti-God, after all. Let's show some respect.

Or would it be capitol "$" $atan?

Here's hoping your husband doesn't take your absolutely classless, and tasteless, shitcanning of your previous completely great, badass logo, replacing it with what is apparently the symbol of a chain of second-tier fast-food restaurants, the wrong way. Damn, I loved that logo. Ah, well, you're paying for the bandwidth, and all that...

To end on a positive, helpful, uninvited note, you're onto something there, with those half-naked women and kittens and what might well be your Dark Master, (please don't take that the wrong way--I mean, hey, you're a Republican, right?) but I see something more integrated.

I see--furries. Half naked female furries! A half naked female rabbit furry, and a half naked female kitten furry! And they're Goth furries, which, by original definition, makes them some sexy, evil thing us mundanes will never understand, let alone combat, with our silly-ass Jesus gear, until it's too late.

You mentioned kittens, so the cat furry must be a bit underage, which only adds to the wrongness of the thing, and the rabbit has seduced her into some kind of perverse, corrupted rite which specify half-naked females right there in the help file! Yeah, the old-school way they did it in Hammer films in the 60s, boy! When the bunnies punk the cats, you know that is the sign that the ManGoat is about to reveal himself for the Final Battle, baby, and this time there ain't gonna be no pause for no fucking election. We won't get fooled again! And it's all to get their thorn-cocked Betrayer to...yeah, to put up enough money to conduct a recount in the state of Texas to prove that John Kerry really was the truly elected choice of the people, those paid-by-the-hour retards. And the half-naked furry chicks might even be kinda lesbo, only the hot, porn-star looking lipstick kind, not like the ones I know, and make that a part of the foul ceremony conducted by Moveagainstmymoundohyeahlikethat.org, so there doesn't have to be a Second Civil War and they are forced to humiliate all the Red Staters in battle, which they say they would do, unless they moved to Belize or Canada instead.

Well, that irresponsible little fuck who said he'd have some Oxy-Contin here for me five fucking hours ago finally pulled up out front, so I can stop being helpful. If you couldn't tell, I love the whole thing involving nudity, women, Satan, and animals. Your mind goes places mine doesn't, I guess. Takes all kinds.

Please bring back the sexy, sexy logo woman? Please?

"fuzzy bunnies, half naked women, satan and kittens."

Sounds like something from the studio of Lisa Frankenstein.