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Unknown Movies Since 1970

ala Jay Caruso, who has a good list, even I've heard of/seen all of them. Interstate 60 Ravenous Gattaca Dark City Dick Judgment Night (well, it had a great soundtrack) [Thanks to the eagle eyes who caught the two typos in this post, now fixed]


Will Ferrell as Bob Woodward. I don't remember that.

Bad movies can be so much fun to watch.


Man, that friggin kid from Dark City was creepy. (shivvers)

I don't think anyone will second this motion, but I find Before Sunrise/Before Sunset to be a powerful combo.

"Kenny and Company", trust me.

I love Dark City!

Hmm, Jugment Night...was that the sequel to Bright Lights, Big T*tties?

The Ref?

The man needs to put down the crackpipe and back away from the keyboard.

What about Memento and Following? (same director)

Those are brilliant movies.

I was just thinking of Dark City a few days ago!

Another is 'Sneakers'

Gattaca is one of my all time favorite movies.

And 'Sneakers'! Love that one.

I'd have to add 'The Thirteenth Floor' to the list.

"Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" - This is one of those movies I'm always happy to stumble across while channel surfing. I'm always up for hanging out with Critical Bill and the Boys. "Boat drinks!"

Shallow Grave (who is this Ewen MacGregor guy and why is he so funny?)

Aki Kaurismaki's films: Ariel, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Match Factory Girl

Gilliam's Jabberwocky (filthier than Holy Grail!)

Near Dark ("We keep odd hours")

A few private eye movies:

Night Moves, starring Gene Hackman as a former football player who's not a very good detective, who starts blundering his way through a very dangerous case.

The Late Show, with Art Carnie and Lily Tomlin. Art Carnie is a retired private eye, who finds the world of the 70s repellent. (He still charges his 1930s rates!) Lily Tomlin hires him to find her lost cat. It all leads up to murder and crooks.

The Long Goodbye. Elliot Gould is a weird choice for Philip Marlowe, but Robert Altman makes it work. Less a filming of Chandler's book, and more of an exploration of its themes of friendship, Hollywood, betrayal, and solitude.

Second the "Night Moves" and Altman "Long Goodbye" votes. A personal favorite is "Choose Me" by Alan Rudolph.

And Roger Simon's wife wrote "Dick"...



Absolutely. I just bought "Before Sunset" the other day, to complete the pair. Amazing.


Thanks for saying that, I was afraid I'd get beaten up for mentioning them.

Given the context of Before Sunrise, I could not stop thinking about Before Sunset for several days after I saw it. Among other things, the best ending of any film I've seen.

Well, Dark City had Jennifer Connelly before she got all skinny. Mmmmmm. I did like Glengarry Glen Ross, on Jay's list. One favorite of mine that's well-known but not well-liked is Joe Versus the Volcano, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan; it's a quirky film, and a lot of people didn't get the humor.

Bad horror movies are simply awesome. Some are truly great, but mostly unknown:

Night of the Demons - One of the best horror movies of modern times, bar none (Linnea Quigley - THE horror movie actress, with a classic new use for lipstick)

Bloodsucking Freaks - Drilling heads to suck brains through straws, a penis sandwich, nude rocker chick slaves, a sadistic midget - who could possible ask for more?

Anything by Full Moon Video - the best of the old B horror movie studios: the Subspecies series, the Puppet Master series, Dollman, Demonic Toys, Netherword, Dr. Mordrid, the remake of The Pit and the Pendulum (Ministry sampled this movie for Psalm 69), Shrunken Heads, Redneck Zombies, Oblivion, etc.

Dead Alive (I kick ass for the Lord! OK, so it's fairly well known in some circles), Slaughterhouse, April Fools Day, Chopping Mall, Sleepaway Camp (these movies freaked the hell out of me), Mother's Day, Truth or Dare, Lexx (wierd sci-fi horror movies that spawned a weird TV series), Silent Night, Deadly Night

and now, a link : Bad Movies

I second Choose Me. Very very goofy and interesting. Love Genevieve Bujold in most anything. Carradine was great for once and only once. Lesley Ann Warren, who I absolutely (normally) cannot stand, was good in this as well. The director apparently did "Roadie" as well with Meat Loaf, way cool stuff.

Gregory's Girl. Scottish director with unknown actors. Has some of the best quirky dialogue ever. Local Hero was not nearly as good, but still enjoyable.

My Name is Nobody. all those terrance hill westerns can be very fun. This was the best one.

They Might Be Giants (1971). George C. Scott as sherlock holmes. great.

Diva. French but good.

Scorcese's King of Comedy w/ DeNiro. Jerry Lewis was even good. Damn those French.

hmmm....that would explain why my Halloween costume of "Mr. Hand" didn't go over so well a few years ago...