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Draw Your Own Conclusions

1. I left work early and stopped at the library on the way home. Picked up Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell; Blankets, which I'd been meaning to read forever, and two other mildly interesting looking books. 2. Yesterday, we were fortunate to have handed to us good-as-new living room furniture. Not only is the couch incredibly comfortable, but the bottom slides out to bed length. 3. We have absolutely no plans for this weekend. Lack of funds suggest that plans will not be forthcoming. 4. It is cold, rainy and miserable outside. I have lots of warm, cozy blankets and five different flavors of herbal tea. Plus, a huge box of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows. That is all.


#4 sounds like a great weekend plan to me, especially combined with the books :)

i'll be playing halo2 with my daughter, and she'll most likely kick my butt.

Five or six hours northwest of you, I'm looking out the window at deep gray soppy mist in the trees here in Daisy Hollow, and my mission in life today is to cruise past the coal-stove every hour or so just to dig the glow while the world goes to hell on a rocket-sled. This evening, I'll sip whiskey and press on through the new Frank Zappa biography, which is terrific.

A ridiculous job, but I'm doing my best.

Enjoy. You deserve it!

Me, I'll be debugging a database I built on too little sleep. Grr.

Hmm...that list sounds suspiciously like mine, sans rain (that's next week.) I may not have time for the books, though...we're getting a brand new TV and DVD player this weekend. We must shop!

Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy! :-)

Sooooooo you will wind up posting alot on ASV instead of reading?

Actually sounds like a sweet rejuvination weekend to spend with the family. Break out the games and decompress. Make it another few days to be disconnected ;)

Sounds like you may have to make at least one trip out for the tequila,other than that looks like you've got it sussed.

comfy, cozy reading and sipping. Just the thing to bring you back several steps away from the edge.

Enjoy the break. Take your time.

Sounds like my kind of weekend!! Enjoy!

Clear a spot for me on the sofa. I'll be right there. What can I bring?

a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and the Longhorns. I mean, uh, thou and the Longhorns.

Any chance of a quick review of the book sometime? I've been looking at it a lot but can't make up my mind to buy it or not.

Coool. Let us know about the Strange/Norrell, I noticed that at the library for the first time today, coincidentally.

Sounds like someone will be having a lot of sex.

Rainy weather? Sounds like a good time for a family game! Instead of drawing my own conclusion, why not "Jump to Conclusions"?

It freaking snowed up here this morning! How do you people live?

Working at a customer site on the upper West side on a Saturday.

I have had Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for a while now. When I am on call, as I am this weekend, I rarely try to get much done. I did manage to read it yesterday and I was a bit disappointed. The reviews I had read were complementary and the book is ok but not great.

sorry but i dont agree with is good sex it is not good sex i love real :)