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Had an entirely pleasant day today away from the computer. No offense, but I enjoyed the hell out of this day. I'm compiling a list of Flash games (for reasons too mundane to mention) and I've realized that 9 out of every 10 web games consist of grouping some shape or color into threes. Is this genre dead yet? Please? No more Diamond Mine rip offs. Ever. Got any neat Flash games for me? Difficulty: No RPGs, no Lemonade Stand, nothing that can't be played during a ten minute break at work. Nameless, faceless people thank you in advance.


One of the greatest flash games that has me in throes of addiction is 'n', by Metanet Software. Blurb from site:
N has been described as reminiscent of lode runner -- you're a little dude running around in a puzzle-y world inhabited by enemies.

But in N, there's a twist: the ninja is driven not only by a thirst for gold, but also by a physics simulation.

Death, which happens often, is quite animated.
link here:

I was so looking forward to some flashing pics... So glad to hear you had a good day, take some time off and smell the roses. I damn sure do!

Had an entirely pleasant day today away from the computer.

Pretty sweet, isn't it?

PopCap games are great - I highly recommend Zuma and Astro Pop.

Everything Orisinal

We've got a few listed in our Outside the Park section at the SGCBL.

Then there's always Hairball Hurler... :)

Another great PopCap game is Mummy Maze. It is way addictive.

Also Inspector Parker if you like puzzle ganes and mysteries.

Far too addictive is Curveball.

I could play that game for hours.

I've spent a silly amount of time playing Slingshot Santa at the FetchFido site.

Uh...what the hell are you talking about? I came here for the...for the ... hell, where's the beer?

Does that fine bit of coding which is Ghosts and Goblins, except with Mega Man as the player character, count?

Pff. You don't get enough Flash games from my site? Weaksauce! :p

Hey, I'm not faceless. My face is lovely--especially when you consider that it's framed by my beautiful, if slightly unruly, hair.

Oh, and my name is David.

A fun version of the old Tron game


I like Bowman. Very addictive.


Donno remember where I found 'em, but they've been on my computer a long time. Get them while they're hot, they go away tomorrow!

Whoa, actually hasn't been mentioned yet, so I might as well. Warning, they're HIGHLY addictive: http://www.yetisports.org/

flash games related to movies?

Michele..Never rip Diamond Mine...NEVER!
/killed waaaaayyyy too many hours on it
/think I'll play some more now.

wait...I'm not done. I have actually had dreams about that game and got up out of bed to play it!
AUUUUUUUgh. i need a life

This ia a really cool slot car racing game. You can design your own track and race against the compter or another person. It is a German game so you kind of have to figure things out on your own, unless you speak german.

This site was once the death of me...

This site has filled me with great joy for many months.


The site is full of Flash versions (and pretty faithful versions) of old Atari games such as: Pac Man, Frogger, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, Tetris, Pong, Asteroids, and Star Castle. They even snuck in a pretty good game of Simon for good measure.

I forgot to mention. They also have a download section, where you can get the game for use when you're not online.

These aren't strictly flash (and do require a short registration), but there's a lot of fun in them.


This is the site that started the whole "Elf Bowling" game craze a couple of years ago.

Funny you should mention it because PopCap just released Bejeweled 2 and it's very nice. Just as addictive as the first one.

not flash, but fun and sick...


Ah, Lone Star Times ( http://www.lonestartimes.com/ ) has coined the correct phrase.

Arafatapalooza 2004.


There are some good ones at miniclip.com, and my favorite so far is the one where you play as Dubya or Condi and defend the White House from attack (Bush Shoot-Out). Pretty straightforward 3rd-person shooter, but it's fun to imagine them "taking the battle to the terrorists" themselves.

Bill already mentioned Popcap, so this isn't original, but...
Bookworm is one of my favorite timewasters there. It's like scrabble, except with burning tiles, floating extra word score, etc. Definitely good for 10 minutes.

Seeing that title, games were NOT among the first things I thought of.

Ferry Halim has a site chock full of small, beautiful games:


The Kill Bill SWF game.

A favorite of mine that I still play is Curve Ball: http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/curve_ball/curve_ball.htm

Refresh the browser to load a new game, there's no New Game button.

Blix is an interesting puzzle/action game.

Loop is unique and intriguing. An old arcade game used the looping action in a different setting.

Another plug for orisinal.com. My fave is The Pond (row 2 column 6). It's a very tranquil little game. Pocketful of Stars (row 5 column 2) is charming.

The Spider game is also unique. Registration required.

I'm bookmarking this post in my "Procrastion" folder. Great distractionary resource.

Holy. Crap. I've been putting off sleeping too long if I managed to misspell one of my favorite words: "procrastination".

Wichita Faro, the classic card game of the Old West, in an authentic noisy saloon.

You might likeFuck It!. And this little game is addictive, but don't play it on a laptop unless you have a USB numeric keypad.

A regularly updated list of games:


I found Kingdom of Loathing (not Flash-based) and several good Flash games there.