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say it ain't so!

Michele from A Small Victory is known more as a gun-totin’, “better red than dead” mom then a sex kitten. Wait. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


It's so.

But that's probably a good thing.

It depends, would you rather be someone folks want to fuck (Wonkette) or someone no one wants to fuck with (you)?

Not that it's impossible to be both....

Take it from me, sister, being treated as a sex object gets old. I'm not just a piece of meat, I'm a human being, damnit!

Speaking of kittens...

Wait. Is that "red" as in Commie or "red" as in States? I'm so confused. We need new lingo.

Can't you be a gun-totin' sex kitten?

In the context of the quote, IMO I'd rather be the gun toting whatchamacallit than the sex thing. But universally, being a sex symbol is much more interesting, entertaining, an rejuvenating.


"is known MORE as"

I take that to mean that you're both, but known more for your gun-totin' than being sex kitten-ish.

still doesn't answer your question...



I have told her again and again, and still Shelley forgot "tequilla-swilling".

Neither is a particularly awful thing to be called. I've been called worse - but never a sex kitten... and gun-toting is a bit mild for what 2dn amendment supporters usually get called... right wing gun nut, monster (for expressing the horrible sentiment that I would be willing to defend myself with a firearm), and more besides.

When was this "sex blog" stuff going on? 1999? Did I miss it? And Wonkette? Please, toast is sexier. I wish more people did sex up their sites, it beats the hell out of the political orgy we've had to live through this year. I'll get the ball rolling by incorporating a pic of my hairy man boobs into the times when (if?) it comes back up.

She obviously missed the whole Red Sox cap episode...

I guess "The Kitchen" Has never seen your photo with the Red Sox Cap On. All I can say is Holy Clevage Batman.

Keep up the good work we all appreciate it:)


Oh yea- it's a very good thing. Of course this is coming from someone who is usually referred to as the Crazy Bitch down the street... go figure.

Hmmmmm. "better red than dead." As long as we're talking "red" as in "redstate," then that's a no brainer. You carry a gun? oh, yeah, metaphorically.

It's a good thing, and I hope you got a chuckle. But I did forget the tequilla...damn.

Notice that it doesn't preclude being either one, but that you simply are regarded a bit more on the gun-totin' side. How you're regarded and how you are are two different things.

I like to imagine you as a gun-totin' sex kitten with sharp claws. Painted Jungle Red.

In light of the considerable number of sexy tidbits Michele has deigned to throw our way over time, I'd hafta say that comment is a little bit of a slag. She'll always be a red hot sex kitten to me. ;-)

you got a gun?

well shee-it, as we say down here in Texas.

"Everytime you....."

I really hope Mr. SS is kidding.

It took me a minute to parse "better red than dead" as a terror war neologism. red state instead of red commie, and dead from terrorism instead dead from nuke war... Clever I guess.

Speaking of clever, am I the only one who thinks that Jim Treacker has lost his touch? Playing with faux crudeness and ironic stupidity seems to have crossed the line into actual crudeness and actual stupidity for me...


You know what I meant.

Joshua, I'd rather you not used my comments to start a discussion on how much you think another blogger sucks.

That quote makes my brain hurt.

Perhaps they didn't catch all you postings about the blogger Boobiethon. That just may have changed some opinions....
Me, personally, I have been referred to as the gun-totin' mom more than once. I don't mind it....


I realized how dumb I was being as soon as I hit post.

Damned straight. You go ahead and be all things all people there, kitten.