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Art by my husband. Underlying message worth 1,000 words by me.


That's amazing, it really is. I know you know, but you have one hell of a talented husband!

Okay, I'm going back to look at it some more. It won't let go of my eyes.

I agree with Ith on all counts. It IS very compelling. Quite fitting, really, since your writing is just as compelling as your husband's art.

What a combo.


Thats pretty cool.

It really is very good, but I'm at a loss as to what the message might be. Sleeping clown in black hoodie with floating shoelaces tied around her neck?

Though the monitor I'm using right now is extremely dark, so maybe there are shades of meaning I can't see in this light.

Anyway, it's a cool image. The linework is reminiscent reminds me of Todd McFarland's early stuff. Does your husband do comics at all?

(not that you'll answer me of course, since I'm banned and all)

I have no idea what the underlying message might be, if there is one. Regardless, it is a VERY striking image...

It disturbs me, but I don't yet know why. I am riveted. I love it for reasons I don't fully understand. I'm becoming redundant. It must be a keeper.

I love it.

The underlying message is that this website has been taken over by Sith Lords. ..Obviously!

That is powerful. It reminds me of Travis Smith's work.


it's a 2 pack a day Winston babe exhaling through her trach tube.

ok, I'm not very good at this.

A hysterical Eminem fan moves to New Zealand and engages in post-election autoerotic asphyxiation as prescribed by her therapist.

What do I win?

It's very, very well-done and it's your blog, so you can do what you want. But, it makes me think of two really bad movies: At Close Range and The River's Edge.

One of eminem's hoddies mated with Arafish?

One of eminem's hoodies mated with Arafish?

woops sorry about that.

MB's first thought was the young girls being hanged in Iran for having just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and were wronged by males!!

Very nice picture. It's very stark, made stark-er with red and black. When you want to make a statement, red & black always work. Was that done with ink?

Halloween's Michael Myers decides to try Kabuki?

Just kidding. That's totally cool. I'd like to have that hanging on my wall.

Incredibly powerful imagery, very striking and somewhat erotic. I'm sensing that this work was inspired by you Michele. The figure wrapped in an ink black hoodie, hood-strings trailing behind as she falls gracefully to the ground, flush from from some activity (running perhaps?), her full lips parting to draw a single breath...

You're husband is remarkably talented. What would a print like that go for?

I think those are wires connecting her to the internet. They're also a collar suggesting that the internet holds her in bondage... At least that's my interpretation. The red of her face, anger? or red face/black body makes her a devil?
The white of her lips, purity?
Then there's that sleeping person innocence/vulnerability/tender-or-intimate-point-of-view thing.
I can't decide whether the white crags in front of her look like carpeting or ice and snow or intentional ambiguity - carpeting seems most likely.

I love this. I also loved that one piece he did of a redhead that you had posted a while back. I really like Justin's work. Not a big art person, but know what I like. I vaguely recall you mentioning your setting up a website with your hubby's work. Or am I just wishful thinking here? Link? Maybe?