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email of the day (arafat edition) [updated - again]

Ed to me, on the news that Arafat just won't stay dead. bq. Roy Scheider needs to jam an oxygen tank down his throat and shoot him in the neck. I opened up Photoshop intending to do something with that, but got busy here at work. Just putting the idea out there..... Update: What do we infer from this Drudge headline?
deadundead.jpg That's right. Arafat is a zombie. Everyone get out your books and turn to Chapter One. Ok, the Jaws poster didn't work out, so I went the zombie route. [click for bigger]


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We really are returing to the 70s.

How long before, "In other news, Yasser Arafat is still dead?"

I'm having way too much fun denying your denials of my denials on CP - GR.

I'd pay to see that!

We'll know the Palestinians have picked a new leader when we see the puffs of smoke coming up from the French hospital. Well, except that being the PLO, it'll be poison-soaked nails instead of puffs of smoke.

Now, if we can just get Fidel to kick the bucket as well, we will finally be rid of 60s-era dictators once and for all.

Somebody needs to spray Arafat with a can of Terrorist-B-Gone.

My keyboard is now DRENCHED in coffee, TYVFM. Damnit. :)

If the Israeli's really did poison him, can we increase the Defense Budget and purchase this magic poison from them? We can distribute some to our favorite guys in N. Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria...actually, can we get a discount if we buy in bulk?

And if there is any left over, can I borrow a little-- we have a kid in the neighborhood who insists on driving with his windows dow and the speakers booming late at night. Just a little--I only want to make him a bit sick.

I won't link to where I did it (this is yo' house), I'll just mention that this is a fun time for everyone to return to the Tombstone Generator.

See, I've been wondering why somebody hasn't just pulled out the stake. Figured that would fix him right up. If he is in fact a zombie, I regret this misdiagnosis.

I deny that Michele has suffered liver failure.

Beat me to it, and with a drawing, too; I was just going to say "Schrodinger's Arafat".

Do we take comments from this "Treacher" after Slate's movie critic puts Treacher's name in scare quotes?

Here is the link:


(For some reason I can't post a link here with the "m" "s" "n" in it).

Heres the link

MSN got inadvertantly caught in my blacklist snare.

Update, Nov. 10, 2:40 p.m. Well, already—in under an hour!—I've received wonderful notes ... "Jim Treacher" confirming that I'm out of touch with public schools and that Brad Bird in The Incredibles is onto something. (Although Treacher says he's not actually allowed within a hundred yards of a school, so I don't know how he knows.)

God that is funny!

Even if there isn't room enough for THAT guy, I'm sure Shaytan could find some other lost soul to set loose before him. The Devil's only real challenge at this point is to prepare a place painful enough.