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Addition to the ASV Family! [repost]

[REPOST FROM THIS MORNING. This will stay at top for most of the day, as I'm too busy and/or aggravated with the human race to do any more posting today.] I Have That on Vinyl is now open. With open thread goodness. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, pass the link around in chain mails, coerce everyone you know into stopping by! A politics free site for these troubled times! Fun! Games! Nostalgia! Lots of exclamation points!!!! Contributors welcome, by the way. See the site for details.


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Very cool. A politics-free oasis is sorely needed.

I have the Star Wars album w/poster!

Bah, as a kid I had the Star Wars soundtrack done by the Electric Moog Orchestra.

Politics-free, except for the fact that the guy who runs it has an email address with Karl Rove in it. Karl seems to stir up the moonbats...