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By the Way

There's a really nice article on my dad's efforts with the Nassau County Firefighter's Museum in today's Newsday. See posts here and here for reference.


Read on the train this morning. The article was nicely done.

Congrats to your dad again!

Neat article. Congratulations to your Dad.

I didnít know you came from a fire-fighter family, as do I. Well, actually in my case itís a law enforcement, firefighter, teacher and nurse family!

If Iím allowed to digress for a moment, itís a way sorry state of affairs on the far left these days. Frightening too that Iíve been getting more solace on ASV than anywhere else lately.

Iím starting to believe just about every bad thing Michele has ever said (okay maybe not that far).

I mean if I have to read one more Counterpunch Article blaming queers, see one more flame from left homophobes to the comments section of NYC IMC, or hear one more caller to WBAI blaming we homos, Iím going to put on my ruby red slippers, click my heels three times, and disappear to my own private blog. Iíll call it little pink fluff balls or something.

Remember when, oh about two years ago or so, I made the mistake of blurring the distinction between a certain government and a certain religion?
H-e-l-l-o! Now, I know how you felt. I have been drinking my comeuppance by the barrel keg this past week, and no it donít feel too good! Donít feel too good at all.

Michele, youíre a nice patrician lady. Thanks for the kind words this past week or so.

P.S. I actually remembered to put NJ before Vince this time!

That is a great article.