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Limerick Winner

Congratulations to Richthofen of Blind Chick Racing, who is the winner of the post-election limerick contest. His winning entry: After Bill and his infamous zipper The left brought forth a flop-flipper But the might of the right 'Twas not blinded in sight And another was won for the Gipper. Congratulations to Richthofen, who will be receiving a $10 gift certificate from Amazon for his efforts. Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted.


Good job, my new nemesis Richthofen. Congrats!

Don't feel bad Hubris...I voted for you. It must have been those stupid idiots in flyover country that won it for him. Or maybe the Christians.

Well I don't know if I should concede yet.

I think that's my line, Gabe. I'm afraid you'll have to be Badnarik or, heaven help us, Calero.

Now, the important decision: do I go Kerry or Edwards on this one?

Seriously, though - Nice job, Richthofen.


Damn. I knew I shoulda spent more than a minute writing that damn thing.