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That's Incredible

Just came back from seeing The Incredibles (after visiting Grandpa). Full review some other time. Ill just say it was, indeed, incredible. Seated behind us was a family. Throughout the entire movie, the mother and father insisted on not only talking back to the screen, but reciting some parts of the movie along with the characters. As if that weren't annoying enough, the plump little child chewed her popcorn with her mouth wide open so I could hear every crunch and bite and swallow. So it was crunch, don't go in there, freeze!, crunch, swallow, get out of the way, Elastigirl! for a good portion of the movie. Then there was the guy in the front row who kept yelling out phrases like yeeeeha! and wooohooo! and jumping out of his seat just a little each time. Was that a popcorn box in his lap or was he just glad to....nevermind. And you wonder why some people download illegal copies of movies and watch them at home? I'll pay the legal price for running Bit Torrent some day if it means I can watch movies without spending the equivalent of the GNP a small country, having to listen to a little cow chew her cud while her parents talk out loud to cartoon characters and some overgrown cowboy is enjoying his movie experience just a little too much for my comfort. But, yes; the movie was great.


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To improve the movie-watching experience, I've found three little words help a lot:


I always seem to sit behind the one person in the theater who envisions the seat in front of them as their personaly enemy and then procedes to kick the living crap out it.

I am a school teacher. Every time one of us mentions teaching good manners in school, we can just HEAR the eyes rolling in our administrators' skulls. Kids (and many adults) need to learn self-control and consideration for others, what we call, "Good Manners."

It should be a required course.

Seems to be a lot of that going around.

We went Saturday (during the local U's football game, so the crowd'd be smaller). The theater wasn't even completely jam-packed full, but we still managed to get yahoos behind and in front of us. The lumbering hulk in front of my daughter kept standing up and yelling to a friend in the back of the theater, and behind us was a full row of unattended 10-or-so-year-olds who were talking, seat-kicking, and generally providing all the other lovely additions one could hope for in a long-awaited movie.

Good movie, tho. I love the way Pixar handles interpersonal relationships.

I loved the movie, they didnt have the Ep 3 trailer I was hoping for, but got to download it anyway. . . but yeah, The Incredibles was a lot of fun. . . and the theater was quiet where I was, except for the constant laughing

Still haven't seen it. Two kids under two will do that to you.

On the other hand, being 6"5 with a very short fuse helps to dampen hoodlums in a theater. I've scared my share of teenage boys who insisted on discussing the finer points of the comic book films I love so dearly.

Michele, maybe it's the way I read your site, but in my mind Violet is a younger you; do you have superpowers?!?!?

My wife and I watch a lot of movies, but we have not gone to a theater for over 2 years. Most of the time, we watch them at home.

Tell me, what movie theater can compete with our setup. We have a large screen HDTV setup with surround sound, comfortable leather recliners and carpeted floors that aren't sticky, a wet bar and microwave for snacks, and a bathroom just a few feet away, with a pause button when we need it. Great picture, great sound, snacks & drinks, a bathroom, and no pesky people. Nirvana!

So, we'll have to wait several months to see a new release. Big deal. We just watched "Shrek 2" and got to see bonus materials that the theater audience didn't see.

I went to see the Incredibles yesterday and I was blown away by it too.

It was amazingly entertaining, so much that I'm going to pay another $10.25 to go see it again.

Larry J:

Are in or around the Montgomery, Alabama area and if so, do you need a new best friend?

On my most recent return from Iraq on vacation I took the time to observe people in Ireland, Portugal, and later the US, in restaurants.

What made me do this? Watching people eat in the Dining Facility, and watching the behavior of my coworkers when the hotel staff arrived with refreshments while we were transiting Dubai.

I think that all of us who know how to chew with our mouths closed, be silent when watching movies, let hotel staff set down food before we leap on it, and demonstrate other acts of courtesy need to start being downright discourteous about pushing these ideas on our peers, and most expecially our children.

especially, not expecially


Cooper and his new friend Tiberius have some comments about these peeps


Told ya you'd like it. And as I said in that e-mail, you fit the role of hero-Mom to a T as far as I can tell (minus the ability to turn into a parachute or rubber raft, I suppose). Now go give that idiot buggin' Nat an extendo-arm smackdown.

On the annoying theater-people subject, my wife hates it when I yell "KEEP IT DOWN!" at the theater. I'm not for causing a fight, but sometimes you just have to stand up the IUM (inconsiderate, unwashed masses).

Speaking of IUM, I was this close (holding up fingers) to going across the parking lot to a neighboring townhome the other day, asking the gang-banger out washing his car to turn down the delightful "M-F'ING B*TCH-HO" melodies. (There are kids around, you're not the only one living here, the sound reverberates between the garages, etc.) I decided not to, knowing that—though unlikely—if said music-lover were to bust a cap in my A, my wife would never forgive me.

And the "Mary Todd Lincoln" award for most distracting movie experience goes to...

David Ross --

That is HORRIBLE!!! Absolutely TERRIBLE!!! I cannot believe you would make light of such a thing!

But if it's so bad, WHY CAN I NOT STOP LAUGHING??? My sides hurt ... :)

David Ross, that's "most distracting THEATER experience"

That's why I almost always go to midnight movies after it's been out for a couple weeks. Fewer idiots then.

Larry J writes: "Tell me, what movie theater can compete with our setup. We have a large screen HDTV setup with a pause button when we need it. Great picture, great sound, snacks & drinks, a bathroom, and no pesky people. Nirvana!"

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!Nononononononononnooooo!!!!!!

Theatrical films were MADE to be seen... in theaters!!! The reaction of the audience (that are not "pesky people") is part of the experience - particularly with comedy and action-adventure films.

If theater audiences are becoming more discourteous (and I heard a couple of kids talking to the screen when my family went to "The Incredibles"), it's entirely because of "the home video culture." Kids and certain cretinous adults can't distinguish between how they watch a film at home versus with an audience.

If you can't resist commenting on the action, then by all means wait until the film gets to Blockbuster. Stay out of the theater. We in the audience lack a remote, so we can't rewind the film to the dialogue we missed.

Finally, if you've only seen a classic comedy - say, the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" - on your TV, you haven't really seen it. Try catching it at a repertoire screening with a theater full of people who threaten to blow the roof off the auditorium with their laughter. You may never want to watch it at home again.


Tell me about it. We decided we just couldn't wait for "Team America: World Police" to come out on DVD. We'll never make THAT mistake again.

As the previews were wrapping up and the opening scenes were rolling, our theater was invaded by 15-20 kids between the ages of 12 and 17. They spent the entire goddamn movie talking, text-messaging on their cellphones (that sudden bright white screen in the darkness is easily just as distracting as the ringtone for anyone sitting behind you). Worst of all, they were CONSTANTLY climbing over the rows of seats and entering and leaving the theater. I don't know if they were conducting a bridge tournament out in the hallways on a rotating basis or what, but it was extremely distracting. When we and most of the other non-brat theater patrons went to complain to the rather young night management, we came in on the tail end of their conversation, which was "So, how do you guys want to arrange this next time? Sneak out the bedroom windows again?" Given that the exact same thing happened last time we went to see a late show at that theater, looks like the night management simply lets the town's teens treat the place as their own personal club. Doubly frustrating since it's the only theater in town, and the next nearest one is a forty-five minute drive away...

I second the "some movies are best in the theatre" opinion. Watching Rocky Horror at home is not nearly as much fun as watching it at midnight near U-Wis campus with other equally, um, enthusiastic people. Throwing toast at your own TV isn't as much fun when you have to clean it up yourself.

but remember... no capes!

I liked it too. They had a great trailer for Star Wars Episode III in the previews. Woohoo!