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links for breakfast

I meant to do some linking yesterday, but I cut my blogging short so we could begin the War Against the Leaves, taking place on our front lawn from now until December. So far, we are losing. So, yesterday's links o' the day, today. Read all of the Green Side. Not just one post. All of them. U.S. Marine Dave Bellon writes letters home from Fallujah and puts them online. Must read. Donald Trump, John Kerry and Blackie Lawless. It's written by Ace, which makes it worth reading alone. Also, scroll up and up for more Ace goodness. Shopping for the Insufferably Sanctimonious. 9 OTHER Karl Rove conspiracy theories Walter Cronkite swears by. Ok, think I'm caught up. Oh, there's still lots of conversation going on in the comments here and here if you're interested. Normally, I put the kabosh on tangential comments that take the topic in a completely different area, but this has been a very interesting read.


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