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last chance for limerick voting

Contest is here. Send your three favorite entries to karlrovesbrain@gmail.com. Votes left in the comments or sent to any other email address will not count. You have until 1pm. Vote early, vote often, screw the exit polls.


Somebody tried to intimidate me on my way to submit my e-mail vote yesterday.

Yeah, Michael Moore told me my vote wouldn't matter.

So I kicked him in his jellyroll and took his lunch money.

Some MoveOn moonbat dressed as a chimp with a Bush mask blocked me from entering the polling place, so I wasn't able to vote on time.

If I'd made it on time, I would have voted for one of Keiran's entries, most likely the one where Edwards' hair was "all a-feather." LOL

Provisional ballot?

The postman said he couldn't take my mail in ballot since my lawn is regularly mowed :-)