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another thought

Hello? Adverstisers? Was it something I said? Last month I had too many ads. Now, I have NONEfour. I have the cheapest rates going, considering I get over 9,000 hits a day. $20 a week? That's a pittance! I have no shame, either. I will advertise anything. Movies I hate, books I will never read, naked pictures of Michael Moore....anything! I have a mortgage to pay. Help me out here. SOMEBODY BUY SOME ADS! Alternately, just throw wads of money at me for no reason at all. My Paypal account needs filling. Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Come on, sevens! Oh, sorry. Got carried away there. [Just click on the little, lonely link on the right that says "this could be your ad"] P.S. To reader Marion, whose email address I do not have: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Today will consist of lots of Anthrax on the stereo and zombie survival preparedness. Update: Ads! Yay! Ok, so two of them are freebies, but at least my adstrip isn't lonely anymore. Thanks to my advertisers, whose links you should click on repeatedly. I'll still be happy to take your wads of cash.


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Good morning beautiful. If I had anything to advertise, I'd buy a spot.

Done and done on the Paypal thing. Keep up the good work.

I'm noticing another meme developing at DU that doesn't seem to have leaked into the non-moonbat left yet. It's the, "They stole another election." meme. It's the place where you attribute almost supernatural powers to your enemy in order to explain why you are so powerless and such a victim.

Right now the party left is focusing on the 'moral values" part of the exit polls in order to avoid facing the reality of the Dem's being just a glued together coalition of interests with no coherent focus.

Of course, the same thing can be said of the Republican's coalition. It's things like this that give me hope for the formation of a centrist party forming out of a Congressional debate.

I love the smell of Capitalism in the morning. It smells like, Victory.

I'm intending on buying an ad as soon as I'm not broke.

That could be a few weeks. Originally that's how I found ASV and have enjoyed it ever since.

Also, are we in for a post on the lymeric contest?

So, I was just wondering, M... What HAVE you been doing with all those nude pictures of Michael Moore?

BlogAds revenue comes and goes. I sold over $1000 worth a couple months ago and virtually nothing so far this month--even with dramatically lowered rates.

There has been a predictable dropoff with the election ending, since political-type advertising was a big chunk of the total. I'm hoping others see the virtue of advertising on blogs, though.

I don't object to your advertising naked pictures of Michael Moore, however, please be aware that posting naked pictures of Michael Moore would probably cause a precipitous drop in your daily hits.

By the way, I have noticed that all of the political blogs now have fewer advertisements than they did before the election.

Check you ad-bowl, there is a new one there now :D

Did you just get The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks by any chance? I got that book for Christmas last year. It's pretty funny.

if i had money i'd donate...but i dont have money either :/

Yeah, I think some advertisers may be expecting a post-election dropoff in traffic.

That is more reasonable a price than I thought it would cost. Now I may have to consider placing a blog ad.

Thanks for the info, Michele!

Yeah Ith, my opinion as well. Hence why I advertised immediately.

It's not just you, michele. Blogads across the board seem like they have dropped in the last month. You're like the tenth person to mention it.

I once had to STOP people from buying them at Moorewatch. I had to create two columns just to handle them all.

Yeah, now? Not so much. :) I'm OK with it as long as they keep paying for the server. All I need is to break even.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ads

I tried shrug :)

Sometimes you get what you pay for.