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almost belated

In all the chaos of the day, I almost forgot.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I learned from the best. 43 years worth.


(Now dump the kid and go get a hotel!)

Tonight I'll smoke a cigar for him and have a drink for her.

Happy Anniversary to the parents!

Thanks for Michele! You guys really came through on that one.

Oh how I agree with Gabe!

Michele, now you've got to run over to my son's blog and see the Super Master Plan Revealed Today!!!
You will love it! It's hysterical! Good to see good news and humor today, it really is!


(Oh, me kid is, Dean's World.) You do deserve some laughter

Congratulations to your parents!

Before you know it, you'll be planning their Golden Wedding Anniversary.


Congratulations to your folks. That is quite an accomplishment,

11/5 is close to my mom and dad's, 11/9. If mom had lived a couple more months, they would have celebrated their 47th.