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Site Notes (usual crap plus contest notice)

A few notes before I get on with the usual morning ramblings. Skip down to the stuff about the limerick contest if you're not interested in my beating of a dead horse.

General Stuff

There were a lot of new visitors to this site yesterday, thanks to links from some big blogs and some odd message boards. I had somewhere around 30,000 hits thanks to the linking of this post, which received 171 comments and 44 trackbacks (neither the hits nor comment count are records for this site, that honor goes to this post and the hits I received on that day). I always wonder if new readers who have come here via a link to a specific post ever read anything else on the site or, for that matter, stick around past the bickering in the comments. Well, if you are new to ASV, you can always check out the best of to get a flavor of what I do here or read this collection of essays to see that I am not just a one note dingbat, thank you. Should you like to know anything else about me, read this.

On "The Morning After"

Now that we have the congeniality out of the way, I have a few points to make, regarding the post you all came to gawk at yesterday. A few messages boards excerpted certain parts of the post and referred to it as poetry which, of course, led some people to rip apart my bad poetry form. Notice: Putting sentences on separate lines instead of together in one paragraph will sometimes be referred to as a list. Is your grocery list poetry? No, I didn't think so. You want poetry? Try here. As for that list, that was a response to the many things I heard and read after it was obvious that Bush would win re-election. If you read the post for contest and didn't go off half-cocked commenting on simply an excerpt, you might have realized that and saved yourself some embarrassment. Read The Whole Thing isn't just a gratuitous saying, you know. Also - and regular readers have heard this already so they may want to just skip this part - when I write about something that one particular group does that infuriates me, I am under no obligation to write about all the groups that infuriate me with that same behavior. See, when I write about something from Column A, I don't have to also choose from columns B and C. That's the beauty of being an independent, editor-free, completely biased blogger. Just because I'm pissing on Michael Moore doesn't mean I owe it to you to add a caveat in which I piss on Ann Coulter. Understand? Sure hope so, because this is getting tiring. Anyhow, I welcome any readers that popped in here for a look at that post yesterday and decided to stick around. We do have fun here, really. It's not all righteous anger, all the time.

The Limerick Contest

Speaking of fun, I am closing the limerick contest as of now. I'll close the comments off so no one can try to sneak in under the radar. Now, what I need you to do is this: Pick your three favorite limericks from the bunch. I would like you to keep in mind that the theme of the contest was the election itself, not bashing the right or bashing the left or beating up poor, put upon Michael Moore. You're free to vote for whoever you want to, I'm just making a little point here. You will see that each comment has its own permalink. You will copy the links to the entries and MAIL THEM TO ME (that means do not leave your votes in the comments) at this address: karlrovesbrain@gmail.com. Please have your nominations in by 4pm (EST) today. I will tabulate and present a poll with the top three vote getters tomorrow morning. Thanks for participating. You guys are sick, twisted and funny. Just the way I like my readers.

Camera Challenge

With Election Day out of the way and my heavy work at Command Post done for now, I can resume my little hobbies. I'll be picking up where I left off with the camera challenge. I'd like to make this an ongoing project, so feel free to post a challenge for me. And thus ends today's programming notes.


Where's the Running Around Naked & Drunk pics?

I never said I was going to present pictures and/or videos of said event.

Just because you wish for something does not make it so.

Also, I ran out of war paint so I had to cancel the whole thing.

When you run out of war paint, use the blood and feces of your slain enemy.

When I follow links to other blogs, if I like what I read, I DO go back and read other things on the front page. And then, sometimes, go and check to see if they have archives. etc.

Just one person's perspective.

It kinda does read like poetry, but in a good way.


Now that's funny no matter who you are.

Man, I guess then I probably should destroy those snapshots of me tanked and in the "Partial Toga" urinating on the neighbor's Kerry sign....

I thought there was going to be a slide show. How embarrassing.

Hi new here. I did find your site via a link, can't remember from who. I haven't had time to read to much here, but I do plan to!