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good morning, america

President Bush's campaign has declared victory. re: the new header - No, it's not quite over yet. Ohio will probably be legally disputed. But Bush has won the popular vote, in record numbers. That, indeed, is a victory in so many ways. More on this later. As soon as I get the kids off to school, I'm going to catch up on my sleep.


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» So I'm up now from scrawlville.com
And things are still the same as they were. GEORGE W. BUSH WON THE ELECTION. John Kerry is losing in so many different ways right now that if he doesn't concede soon, his oh-so-precious Senate seat will be in jeopardy.... [Read More]


And to think Bush got more votes than any other U.S. President in history...

We're LOVING it over in my household this morning!

I thought I was bad, tossing and turning most of the night...get some sleep and thanks for all the work over at TCP. That really rocked.

Heh, I went to the Adam Smith Institute with a friend of mine and then went to a comedy gig. Didnt bother to turn it on last night at all.

Even if they do an FL2K style wrangle over every last absentee and provisional ballot in Ohio, the math still doesn't work for Kedwards at this point.

Give it up Johnny...

Also - we know the answer to the President's question now.

"Need some wood"?

Nah, thanks W, got some. Big Time.

If you need any amusement today go over to KOS and start reading the comments.

You can start almost anywhere and die of amusement overload.

Here. I just read a few at random and they're all great (note each quote is from a different post, most consecutive):

"Time for Democrats to get out there and be SHRILL, for once."

"No way the Bushies won. This is another attempt to steal an election."

"It seems to me you're either a troll or you have no recollection of past (pre-Diebold) elections. like 2000, it boils down to disputed states that are well within the MOF (margin of fraud). the only think that I find "overwhelming" about this election is the lack of fight of some on the people on this blog."

"The fact that Bush is up 5 points in every area with no paper trail, whereas the exit polls match for those places with verifiable votes, the whole shady CNN and MSNBC revision of the exit polls - these things do not point to successful participation in any process except being bent over without benefit of lubrication. "

"Call the Election ILLEGITIMATE"

[someone posted that there aren't enough provisional ballots in Ohio to turn it for Kerry and got these responses]:

"Do you really believe that the numbers are fair and accurate? I don't.
Bush has been one big liar. People do not trust him. Why not challenge him and the Repugs to the bitter end?

They cheated their way to victory, AGAIN. The Cable News Networks are complicit. And somehow we are still willing to fight them according to their terms"


It is not only these few votes...
Why are you falling for the oldest trick in the book. Everyone is focused on these few ballots when we need to have the WHOLE DAMN STATE audited.

Get a gripe DUDE!!!

and you know damn well I am not the most enamored person of Kerry or Edwards but I am damn sure not going to give up this easy.


"true, (none / 0)

but who audits the auditors....
obviously we cannot allow this to happen, but I have little optimism with respect to who is in control now... which is why you guys need to demand a new election, on paper ballots, run by the UN.... c'mon, make that the movement... "

Sorry to post so much, but these are precious. The UN should do a total recount of Ohio!!! That should be the movement!!

You gotta love these people.

You know, I think a majority of Kos' fans are saying that the whole election was a fraud.

You know, a web site gets the fans it deserves.

3 states are still up in the air according to CNN. 4 states according to ABC and CBS and FOX. I wouldn't count the win just quite yet.

Either way it was good to see no terrorist attacks and American's out in droves to vote for who they felt was the right choice. Hopfully this will come to an end soon and we can move forward with the business of the Country.

What do you mean, no terrorist attack. According to KOS' readers, America is being controlled by "Christian Terrorists"!

Well that was by one poster who thought that the "Christian terrorsts" are actually a majority. The rest of the posters believe that there was a conspiracy and that all of the numbers reported in the media are frauds...

Anyway Bush is a terrorist who belongs in jail for his war crimes. I just read that too, from someone who says that jailing Bush should be the new goal of the movement.

[dark laughter]

"Oooooh! Ahhhh!"

Sorry, just watching the fireworks. Liberals' heads exploding at DU and Kos, that is.

Or is it more like popcorn popping? Can't decide.

Oh, and for my NY friends: "...New Yorkers are smarter than everybody else and won't
vote for an idiot."

I got a good solid five hours of sleep just shortly after two this morning. And the first thing I hear turning on the TV is Katie Couric saying, "Whoever the president might be..."

Shut the fuck up, Katie.

too bad all the bible-banging southern and midwestern rednecks are too scared of homosexuals and minorities to make the smart choice and vote w out.

i love that you people are going to get exactly what you deserve - a stupid frat boy president who declares war on the world and brings us to ruin. i will be saying "i told you so dumbasses!" while you all burn in hell for your evil stupidity.

you are such a bunch of ignorant panty-wastes.

btw - did you really think that banning my ip would stop me from commenting? it is so easy to spoof an ip and even easier to get your usernames and passwords for your sites. hmmm, maybe it is time for a little downtime for you republican dildos.

Ah, I love the smell of pissed-off lefties in the morning. Especially lefties who have awoken to a hard reality and are screaming and crying about their burst bubble.

Hee hee hee.

"someone" got me thinking. When I was reading USENET and had to read every idiot who posted, the most incoherent posters were right wingers, but now that blogs are the medium and I have some control over who I read, all of the incoherent "someones" I run into are lefties?

There must be some logic to this, but I can't figure it out after a whole night without sleep.

Reminds me of a phrase grom my college days.
"Get a Haircut.Get a job.And Get the hell out of here!"

"someones" pissed off that their worldview just got resoundingly rejected by the American people. Probably getting drunk on the w(h)ine they're making from their sour grapes.

the DU was so whacked out last night, they even shutdown their site to non-registered.

When it came back up, it was easy to see why.

Someone order a bunch of trank guns and truckload of straight jackets.

Someone, your bigotry is showing. Go cry in your half-caf latte.


Hee hee! CA Prop 66 went down to defeat!

This is INDEED a good morning.

You know what made me giddy this morning?

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle getting knocked off by John Thune.

The "Puffster" is gone, outta there, history, Fini.

As far as "Someone" Yep, we both get what we deserve.

Would it be wrong to call out the blogosphere's douchebag whore, Wonkette, for being insanely wrong yesterday?

Kerry must concede as soon as possible, otherwise the far lefties will keep the meme alive that they were somehow cheated.

Show some class, Kerry.

Kerry could gracefully concede, genuinely lend all his support to a successful 4 more years for Bush, and get "The 2004 Election Was Fair" tattooed on his ass in red...and many on the uber-left would STILL cry "cheat!"

It is all they have. Their political outlook is based entirely on the idea that W. is evil. Which, you know, just makes me feel bad for them.