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sleepless in long island

Why won't they let me sleep? I did sleep - somewhat fitfully - for about two hours and I dreamed of chaos and destruction. Woke up singing The Smiths' Panic. There's an omen for you. It's gonna be a long, bumpy ride. I suspect many of us are taking this ride with bags under our eyes, tongues that feel like sweaters and numb asses. Or that could just be me.


Sleepless in Oakland too. But a great nite. I don't have a high opinion of Kerry, but I think he has too much dignity to try to drag this out.

Don't prove me wrong, JFK...

Still awake too...



Angry at a certain long-faced Senator and his little boy toy partner.

Jeff, I'm rooting for dignity but I'm sure not expecting it.

Prove me wrong Mr. Kerry.

michele, all I ask for is pictures of the drunk & naked running. Please.

Get that song out of your head!
London, Ohio is not too far from me...


I did the same thing last night. Slept a few hours and then got back up at 4 AM to check out the election. That prick Chris Mathews along with idiot Ron Reagan and demoralized Andrea Mitchell were still on, reporting from NYC. They were literally punch drunk and had started the funeral... Trying to figure out what went wrong.
It's a good thing that I woke up because the power had gone out to our house for over an hour (this is a secret thing LIPA does in the midnight) and my husband's clock radio was all screwed up. Gotta get that guy up so we can pay our fair share!

Well, at least my nightmare during my six fitful hours of sleep hasn't come true yet... though we're still in limbo it seems. sigh

Odd, that sleep deprivation thing. I got four hours' sleep after watching until 2am, then heard some dumb 80's rock song I can't identify playing over and over in my brain all night, and dreamed I was being attacked by hordes of ants.

Thank God they only do this every four years.

Oddly, when I went to bed hearing that the
Democrats might be suing for recounts in
Ohio, I woke up singing The Smiths's "That
Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"...