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Fox just called Ohio for Bush. Looks like it's over!!!!!!!!! (ok I know FOX is the only one who called it, premature partying, but I'm wired and excited) Carville just called Ohio for Bush. Update: I'm finally going to bed. It's been a long, long day working to make the Command Post a happening place. Up since 5am. I look so forward to waking up in a few hours to the realization that Ohio is this year's Florida.


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I'm wired too. I can't go to sleep.

Others have jumped on the bandwagon. Right now that gives Bush 269 votes... one more state!

CNN is holding out. Woodruff is visibly angry.

Juan Williams at FOXNews is sulking.

Edwards and Kerry are preparing to return to the Senate where they will be sent to co-chair the Bunnies and Hugs Committee.

I see Kennedy becoming the bloated, whiny doormat of the Justice Committee.

Russert and Brokaw seem to have given the election to Bush. Brokaw even said, "And this time the Democrats can't say he stole it."

CNN, however, is absolutely unwilling to conceed it and are practically fdoing everythign but stumping for Kerry. ..

...and to think that I moved from Ohio to California. My vote won't count much, but it sure felt good.

The funny thing was that I finally realized why I was getting all these phone calls from Rudy, Laura, Arnold, George, etc. Since I moved from Ohio this past year, they didn't update their records to reflect my move.

Juan Williams just opined on Fox that the DNC will be asking how the exit polls could have been so wrong... and suggesting that the answer was Republican manipulations with the real vote.

Mr. I-like-my-hair-just-so made an appearance and promised to fight for every vote. He said we can wait another day. Lawyers have been dispatched. Time to open the Wild Turkey.

I feel heartburn coming on. How come people just can't remember how to lose well?

Gabe, you need to remember that the Democratic party was taken over by spoiled adolescents this year. The lack of maturity and poor socialization hurt them badly.

While John Kerry and Bill Clinton are glory hounds, at last Clinton is a grown-up glory hound.

Would you expect Bush to concede under similar circumstances? Honestly now.

Similar circumstances? What, you mean like 3+ million behind in the popular vote? Over 145,000 ahead in Ohio?

Yeah, I would expect my party and president to concede and put the good of the country ahead of their own personal political ambitions.

New Mexico just got close. If Kerry wins there and in Nevada and Iowa, we'll have a 269-269 tie. Time to break out the tequila.

Well tomorrow my prove me wrong, but at this point I think Kerry is just waiting until every last vote is counted out of spite...

It isn't as crazy as it sounds... Lots of Democrats were furious at a 2000 election they consider stolen and this is just a symbol for all of the angry Democrats who want revenge.

Actually this whole election has been in this sort of Michael Moore, lie cheat steal and scream vein...

It would be bad for the country if Kerry could win this way. Tonight that doesn't seem possible, but maybe his laywers will pull a rabbit out of a hat over the next week.

I was convinced that the Supreme court handed the election to Bush in 2000 because they got wind of plans the Republican party had to fight to refuse to seat electors, or to send alternate electors - things that would have destroyed the party...

It's funny I'm getting the same feeling from the Democrats this time. They'll overreach if they can. They'll destroy themselves (and possibly the country) given a little rope.

My youngest sister had a big good natured but very stupid named Mazie. If you tried to walk Mazie with her leash, she'd almost choke herself all the time, she didn't have the self control to keep from running against the leash all the time. And if you tried to walk her up a staircase, she really would choke herself.

The current Democratic party has less self control than Mazie did.


If YOU thought that you were looking forward to waking up with Ohio as this elections Florida, I woke up to 6 news crews in front of the county building!!! Stayed up till 3, got up at 6, took offspring to school, on my way to work, mom called and asked if they needed it, would I help with recounts. It's going to be a LOOOONG day...


As a hopefully-soon-to-no-longer-be-resident of Tallahassee, let me be the first to say thank God that Florida itself is not "this year's Florida." I hold out enough faith in humanity (I have no idea why) that Ohio won't be, either.

Hee, Carville. Whadda think Mary looked across the bed this morning and said, "Who's laughing now, huh? Who's your daddy now?"