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FOX: fair, balanced and mind numbing

Deadliest. Coverage. Ever. Brit Hume's monotone reporting is about to knock me into a coma. I can't change the channel, because this is the station I'm monitoring for Command Post. These guys are scared to death to make a close call. The ghost of 2000 is hanging around the newsroom, making Hume and company crap their pants every time they have to make a projection. If there was a parrot in the FOX control room, he'd be muttering "too close to call. squawk. too close too call" by now.


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I dunno, Michele. I flipped to see-BS for a bit and it looked like Rather's face was trying to slide off his skull. He keeps putting his hand to his chin trying to look thoughtful, but I think it's to keep his face from hitting the desk.

Gravity has not been kind.

Fox should have called...no, ait, EVERYONE should have called, but Fox should lead with balls and call Florida by now.


I have darn local news on now. This sucks.

I now want to stay up to see how bitter cbs gets. Florida and Colorado, Alaska and Nevada put Bush at 254.

This is going to be fun, unless bush chokes in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

I think it's going to take a lawsuit to force somebody to call Florida.

I've been checking other channels, and Fox isn't alone in being afraid to make predictions, but CNN has begun to sound like they are giving the election to Bush.

In my estimation, CBS has been the boldest at calling states as they see 'em. Surprising. I would've thought that after being the first to call it WRONG in 2000 CBS would've beeen the most cautious. Huh. Wonder what else I was wrong about?

Then again, that may just be the bourbon-and-branch-water talkin'.

Passing out now in the red state of Ky...

- Kieth

Brit Hume's monotone reporting is about to knock me into a coma ...

Okay, I get it. This is going be your excuse for not doing the naked-Michelle-running-down-the-street thing. Oh sure, it's all Brit Hume's fault.

Judy Woodruff just announced that Kerry insiders aren't confident about Florida. She looks like somebody punched her in the stomach just before she went on the air.

It just struck me that those incredibly off-target exit polls have essentially thrown all the networks into a time warp. It's 1972 again, and everybody's forced to make the calls by... counting the votes. Kind of a novel idea, no? :)

For the love of God... Bush leads by 300,000 votes with 3% left to count. They should just call it already.

Agreed with you, Michele -- Brit's coverage is...um...DRY would be a polite way to phrase it. If only he would smile once in a while, or attempt to inject a little life into his delivery!

I think their caution is over the provisional ballots. If they have any idea of how many there are, that caution could be justified.

But having said that, I think the present caution regarding New Hampshire makes a hell of a lot more sense than caution regarding Florida.

FL2K Fever! Is it transmitted by mosquitos?

Ohio has a serious outbreak. I see it as Kerry 253, Bush 256 with Ohio's 20 being the determining factor. Looks good for Bush right now, but I have considerable suspicion that it won't be resolved tonight (unless Wisconsin goes Bush, in which case it's over for Kerry).

At this point Fox is giving more electoral votes to Kerry (211) than CNN (188), ABC (196), or even CBS (207). Is this a Rove plot to get the Democrats' hopes up?

Okay, my math sucks. Calculations aren't right, but the prediction still seems valid.

Fox just called Ohio for Bush, so it's pretty much over.

okay, everyone, for real comic relief, watch dan rather about now. he is killing me. at any point i am expect him to say, "I'm Dan Rather, and I'm not wearing any pants."

Rather's still waiting for the polls to close on Vloxxor 7.

I take it back. CBS is NOT the boldest predictor tonight. Rather says "We'd rather be last than wrong" on Ohio. Sheesh...

CBS - Chickenshit Broadcasting Service.

(Must've been the branch water)

I pray you all get exactly what you deserve, Have fun in Iran.