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Not. Despite what you may have heard, blogs have not been under attack today. The internet is just sagging under the weight of the traffic. This was expected by experts. No one is attacking conservative blogs. No one is attacking liberal blogs. The world wide sky is not falling. It is not your hosting company's fault if your site is down. It is not my hosting company's fault is my site or Command Post is down.Read here for further info. Now chill out, have a beer and go watch the election results roll in. Then, depending on your view, you may be able to say your sky is falling.


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Michele broke the Internet! Michele broke the Internet!

Ooo ooooooo, Al's gonna be maaaad at yoooooouuuu!

Damn internets.

Well, that's a relief! I was starting to get suspicious when most of the conservative blogs (or all the ones called conservative blogs) in my bookmarks kept failing and places like Kos and DU kept coming up.

Glad to see it was just technical problems from you breaking the Internet. ;)

(...not the face! NOT THE FACE!)

Wheeee!!! This is the first time all day I've been able to get through to your blog. I have nothing constructive to say so I'll go now. :)

damn...not drinky for me... I'm planning to head out to cover the polling places again for the coming home from work voters.

Hi, Y! fun running into you today!



I heard a rumor that you...broke the internet?

Darnit, girl...I told you having that outlet near your coffee cup was a BAD idea! :)

My site went down today as well - as did the site I work on. Traffic's slow everywhere.

Hey woman. Email me. I have something to tell you and I can't find your email address.

Having a great time watching the pundits simply sit back and say "We don't know...."?

This has been a disappointing day.

The Internet's not really broken.
I didn't get challenged when I went to vote.
Except for Victoria Mars, there's no interesting TV on tonight.
I can't think of anything else funny to say.

Like I said, a disappointing day. Maybe I should go to bed before the returns come in....

Michele, no peeing in the internets.

stop breaking things.

Your routers may be low on electron oil. I have some Binary Lube that I'm willing to sell cheap. It will speed up your connection, increase your throughput and put a smile on your face.

Remember that name, Binary Lube, ionized for your proection!

er... thats "Ionized for your protection!"

preview is my friend

It sure did seem like every blog was under some kind of attack. It's good to know it wasn't.

Intentional attack or not, the affect was the same. I'm surprised this morning to find actual posts here, and at other sites on Hosting Matters, like Instapundit, Buzzmachine, etc.

Because yesterday, from about 5pm on, you were all a total black hole. One big DNS failure. You didn't exist. Despite attempts over the course of about 10 hours, I was never able to load any of you, here, or at the Command Post.

Meanwhile, the only other site I tried to visit that gave me trouble was Slate's exit polls. Call it anecdotal evidence if you want, but the problem wasn't as widespread on the Internet as you might think.

This was the first election since 98 where the TV (Fox) gave me more up to date election numbers than the internet.

The last three elections, I just kept windows up with the various Sec of State's elections webpages on them. This time, I had a hard time getting through, and when I did their numbers were often smaller than Fox's.

So, while they were deadly dull, they had more info. Hopeful the net can beat them in 2006. :-)

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