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Got Photos? Wanna chat?

We've got an Election Day photoblog going on over at TCP, where you can upload your own photos to share with the world. Take your camera to the polls and report back to us! The TCP chat room is now open, and will remain open throughout the election process. Stop by and chat with us! More good stuff to come today.



just saw this. though a little late, it seems:

Kerry knows he’s Wrong in claiming Bush failed to capture bin laden in tora bora — Kerry wasn’t sleeping with osama in a cave somewhere in tora bora, was he?

Kerry knows he’s Wrong in claiming Bush failed to guard the 377 tons of HMX — Kerry wasn’t sure when these WMD parts (explosives for triggering nuclear bombs) were missing in 01/2003 or 03/2003 under UN/Sadam’s control, or 04/2003 when our troops finally got there; he gave all the benefit of doubt to a UN suggestion with no proof, but refused to trust US troops’ testimonies and records.

Kerry knows he’s Wrong in claiming Bush will bring back draft — Kerry was told by President Bush publicly and repeatedly that President Bush is against any draft, while Kerry himself has proposed requiring all high school students to serve.

Kerry knows he’s Wrong in claiming Bush will lower social security for today’s seniors after Bush is re-elected — Kerry was told by President Bush publicly and repeatedly that President Bush will not change benefits of today’s seniors, and President Bush will only give today’s young tax-payers a chance to manage a small portion of their own contribution.

Vote against Kerry lies. Vote against media bias.
Vote against michael moore / osama deceit.
Vote against appeasement to international terrorism & U. N. corruption.

Vote for decency. Vote for honesty. Vote for US continuing progress and ultimate victory in Iraq.

Vote for AMERICA.

Vote for BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by antinewsmedia — 11/2/2004 @ 10:59 am

Pictures? Will there be Election Day Clevage?

Can you or have you included the ones over at LGF?

Polling place near the WTC, too.

A Victory for Bush
Jim Treacher got it right in his “10 Reasons why I won’t vote for Bush”

7. People might make fun of me. Maybe you're used to it by now, but I'm not.

People have been lying to the pollsters, some are ashamed / embarrassed to admit that they are going to vote Bush. Same used to happen with Margaret Thatcher.
I've only ever met one other person who voted for her, well only one who'll admit it.

Sooooo! Sneakily, when no-one is looking, they will vote Bush for President. Then they will leave and tell everyone they voted Kerry and isn't it awful that nasty Mr Bush won again.

Landslide! WooHoo!!

Rich, you have a point. As I walked out of my polling place, I was slammed with "Bush = Hitler" propaganda. Really. I spit my gum out on it, since I had just voted for W and all. The local wing of the Democrats had set up a table outside the polls, too, but there wasn't a Republican presence to be seen.

Anyway, because of this lovely turn of events, I wouldn't tell my boyfriend who I had voted for until we had crossed to the other side of the street. (I was undecided until the last.)

Had I been subject to an exit poll next to Mr. Bush = Hitler and the Democratic Party table, there, I would have surely declined to answer it. I can't be the only one.

I saw some excellent articles and videos on the election at Geek Out http://darktips.typepad.com


I seem to remember a post about a certain someone running nekkid through a neighborhood. BRING ON THE GIFS BABY!