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I've made an AIM screen name just for today. You can IM me if you have any hot news tips or election observations for Command Post. If you've gone out and voted, let me know how the turnout was at your polling place. I will engage in idle conversation with you, but I can't promise to be quick with the replies. I'm working here! Send IM [hopefully that works, I winged it]


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What the hell kind of AOL screenname is "commandpost"? It should be something like "sxygrl" or "boobieblog" or something!

Maybe those were.....taken?

Y'know, I love you and all, Michele, but there's no way I'm putting AIM on my machine.

Turnout was heavy at my polling place here in Missouri at 6:00 AM. Saw an overwhelming majority of Bush/Cheney stickers, and most of the folks voting were white-collar businessmen.

'Course, all the do-nothing Dems will be out later.

I'm with Keiran.. no IM for me. (Wanna bet how long Michelle leaves it on?)

Voter turnout this morning was huge. There was a line out the door and people were standing in a driving rain under umbrellas. I'm in rural Mississippi, so my guess is that most are Repubs.

From Canton, Mi. Don't know how people were voting, but an hour after the polls opened, over 10% of the registered voters in the district had voted.

Polls are funny here. Passed one on the way to work at about 0730, place was jam packed. People were parking on both sides of the six-lane to get into the polling place. When I went to my poll at about 0830, the place was calm, busy but calm. I think the ballot box had counted between 200-250 votes. Hmph, my neighborhood must be lazy.

You can use a version of AIM that is java based and you dont have to be download.

Go to AOL home page and in the search box type "AIM Express".

Good advice re: AIM Express.

Another option for the AIM haters is Trillian. It is a fully-loaded chat program that allows you to communicate via AIM, without having to actually sully yourself by downloading AIM. :D

It also supports Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ & IRC, so it's kind of a neat tool to have around.


I was first in line at my voting site. Polls in Arizona opened at 6:00am and I arrived at 5:25am. I was, however, 2nd to put my ballot through the "counting computer" ... the guy behind me in line was faster at filling in the lines on the ballot!

Anyhow, Michele, the line was quite substantial as I left ... mostly senior citizens ... and I heard many of them mumbling/chittering about voting for Bush/Cheney.

The local news in Phoenix is showing the traffic heliocopter over voting sites and the lines continue to be long.

I like trillian, too. I was having a terrible time with AIM, and someone at www.pcpittstop.com suggested trillian. Works great.

I live on the NW side of Chicago, just a few miles east of O'Hare. When I went to vote at about 5:15 Chicago time (polls close at 7), one of the election officials mentioned that 300 out of 500 registered voters had already voted and that only 100 total who voted in the primary.

I have to say I find it very hard to believe there are only 500 registered voters in my precinct. I live in a high-rise apartment complex where some of the buildings are actually in another precincts, and I would have thought there were far more adults just in my section of the complex. There seem to be many well-to-do immigrants who don't speak English (Polish, Russian, Indian and others) and perhaps who haven't become citizens yet. Even so, 500 seems very small. I'll try to verify that tomorrow.

I had to wait less than 5 minutes for a voting machine to open up. There was nobody else waiting.