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Election Day Survey Silliness

[start plug] /plug I thought I'd keep it light here today. I'll be busy over at TCP and everyone else will cover the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands. I'll stick to the nonsense, because a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest...voter. Here's today's survey: It's midnight on Election Day. The polls have closed, the counts are coming in. All hell breaks loose in America and the burning, pillaging and rioting begins. Martial law is declared as some crazed people run through the streets naked, screaming obscenities (who, me?). You decide to wait it out rather than join in, so you quickly bolt your doors, board up your windows and secure yourself in your favorite room in the house. You have time enough to grab one snack, one drink, one CD and one DVD to get you through the wait for normalcy to resume (let's assume there's some magic at work here and the drink and snack mysteriously replenish themselves over and over again. Hey, it's my survey and I can do what I want). So, what do you take with you and, more importantly, who do really wish was there to share this intimate moment of fear and hide under the covers with you?


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Of,for decadece sake I'll go with Dark Chocolate,Pinot Noir,"A Wizard A True Star",'The Blues Brothers" and Kylie Minogue(see how I bonus out my tune quotient?not as dumb as I look.eh?don't answer that!)

Bonny Doon Cardinal Zin, Chocolate Gems, Foo Fighter's The Colour and the Shape and Buckaroo Banzai.

CD: Tony Bennett All Time Greatest Hits

DVD: Nixon - Collector's Edition

Drink: Jim Beam and Coke.

Snack: Jalapeno Poppers.

Who do I wish was there with me? Karl Rove Nurse Ratchett (for lobotomy purposes in case of the wrong outcome.)

Swedish Fish (they are made in Canada), Jack Daniels (so if I wake up with an Election Hangover, I have a reason), Matt's right with it being Foo Fighters's The Colour and the Shape, and there is no better way to wait out the apocalypse than watching Evil Dead 2.

Snack - Hot 'N' Spicy Pork Rinds
Drink - Bud Light, ice cold. It'll go best with the pork rinds
CD - Seven Mary Three, American Standard, because it rocks, but at the same time, they bring it down a few notches for the ladies.
DVD - Opted instead for a video game. Rampage, either the old school Nintendo version, or a later edition, doesn't matter as long as I get to be the Gorilla.
Person - The g/f of course.

Cheez-It™ with Tabasco, Stella Artois, "Fight Club" and Pearl Jam's "Ten"

Good silliness. Helps break up the day.

(I can't believe it's 7:44am and I'm already going on about the day being "broken up")

God what weird snacks so far. I keep expecting someone to say Faggots in Gravy, Sour Kraut Juice, Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American and the box set of Showgirls.

Just kidding all.

Anyhoo, mine would be the friggin' huge Sam's Club size box of Peppermint Altoids, Diet Mug Root Beer, Sparklehore's It's a Wonderful Life and LOTR trilogy box set. That counts as one right?

Heck, if Gabe can get the LOTR box set, and we're talking about magically replenishing food and beverage anyway...
Then the CD has to be Queen's Soundtrack to "Flash Gordon" (because what ELSE are you going to listen to at the end of the world), the DVD would be Return of the King (heck, it's magic so why not the Platinum Extended Version?), the snack would be Twinkies (Genghis Khan loves them for the excellent sugar rush), and the drink would be Starbucks' Vanilla Creme (We Mormon boys can't drink coffee or liquor, but steamed milk? Bring. It. On.)

Tunes... Gotta go with either PJ - Ten or Green Day - Dookie.

Only one DVD? Might as well shoot me in the head and get it over with. Maybe Mystery Men. No, the SW Trilogy (yeah, I know, I'm a sellout). No, The Princess Bride. Wait... Ha-ha!!!!! I cheat! I'd grab my zipper-case of movies for long road trips. I have deftly side-stepped the requirement to be decisive!

Drink? Mountain Dew. I'm'n'a be wired and ready to rumble if anybody tries to break in.

Snack? Salt and vinegar potato chips. If somebody does successfully break in, I'll offer him/her some. The assailant will either a) be nauseated and unable to fight or b) turn friendly and we'll enjoy the unmitigated badness of salt, oil, and starch as we celebrate the greatness that is America.

Hershey's Kisses, Coke, 'Til Tuesday: Voices Carry, Lord of the Rings and, most important of all, my wife.

i'd take Ramen noodles, my tea brick, pennywise - full circle, and the hitchhiker's gude to the Galaxy(the TV miniseries), and i'd want my friend Lilly there with me, she always said she wanted ton know ahead of time when the world was gna end so she could get through all the things she wanted to do but hadn't had the time for. o_O

Halapeno hummus (I can't remember the name, but it'll burn the skin right off your tongue) and tortilla chips, DiSorento amaretto, Worlds Away by Pablo Cruise (I'm old, okay?), MIB II and for companionship, Tommy Lee Jones (did I mention I'm old?).

Imperial Keeper

snack - escargot

drink - Gentleman Jack old fashioned

CD - Monster Magnet Powertrip

DVD - FarScape The Peacekeeper War

COmpanion - Jamie Lee Curtis circa 1984

Cheetos (of the non-puffed variety, what is with the puffing?); Bloody Mary; London Calling; The Fellowship of the Ring; and this one guy I used to know about whom I prefer to say no more.

Wait, everyone else is claiming the entire box set of LOTR. Okay, so that.

Guacomole/Tortilla Chips
Roots-Gipsy Kings
The Yearling

Anyone can join me...

I'm going to limit it to things that are actually in my house, because unlike the moonbats, I don't live in a fantasyland.
Snack: The big-ol-bowl of leftover Halloween candy, especially the freakish orange-on-black Halloween Kit-Kats.
Drink: Booker's neat.
CD: Coltrane's A Love Supreme
DVD: Reservoir Dogs. Tempted to bring Halo, which is technically a DVD, even though you play it instead of watch it. Only because I read Lileks pointing out that Halo 2 is going to be some sort of metaphor for Iraq, where we're the Covenant, which is perhaps the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

snack-cheese dip and tortilla chips
drink-pitcher of margaritas
CD-Ruben and the Jets/Frank Zappa aka Ruben Santos
DVD-Magnificant Seven or The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Companion- Spouse

Snack: nilla wafers
Drink: gatorade to stay alive, Vodka Martini's otherwise.
CD: Beethovan's 9th. something for every mood.
DVD: Hunt for Red October

If I lived in fantasy-land, it would be Cheetos, an italian red table wine, Billie Holiday (any of the CDs I've got), and the complete LOTR (including the special edition ROTK... which hasn't yet been released)

As I don't live in fantasy-land, it would be Cheerios and Elmo fruit punch for the baby, Billie Holiday (still), and one of my Futurama DVDs.

snack: giant bag of Chik-fil-a sandwiches (there's something about those pickles)

drink: Saranac Black Forest

CD: Atmosphere - Lucy Ford

DVD: Ronin (car chases, chick with irish accent, what more do I need?)

Snack: Planters' Deluxe Mixed Nuts.
Beverage: Iced coffee with cream, no sugar.
CD: "Scarlet's Walk", Tori Amos.
DVD: "The Ring"

Snack: Great big Subway sandwich

Beverage: Rum and Caffeine-free Diet Coke

CD: Led Zeppelin Boxed Set

DVD: Lord of the Rings Boxed Set

Person: Kim Du Toit (after we're sick of the CD/DVDs, we're shootin' our way out of there).

Snack--Ground Round Nachos Supreme
Drink--Vodka and Citrus Frost
DvD-- Pump up the Volume
CD-- Ac/Dc live best of set.
Companion-- Ladyfriend interested in all of the above..((have to do something once the movie is over))