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Party On!

The Command Post Election Night Party Pack, including menu suggestions. Everything you need to put a little fun in a heartburn-inducing day. Off topic, but relevant to this being Monday night, I have a bet with Val on tonight's football game. It almost involved leg shaving, but Val's been there, done that. Dolphins suck. At least I can say that with a bit of honesty, Val. 6-1 or 1-6? Which one is the suckage? You make the call.


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Arent we all a bit tired of numbers and polls and won/loss columns by now? Besides, who needs records anyway?

Dont trust the numbers, Michele. They are liars.

Well, tomorrow night my wife & I will be spending the election evening watching the returns come in at the Texas Lone Star Grill in Downtown Toronto, with a tassle of expat Republicans and other Canadian wanna-be Republicans like us. No blogging for me!