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Click Early, Click Often [Updated With Contest Goodness]

[ See update below for fresh contest news] It is with no small amount of pride that I tell you The Command Post will be the place to go to for all your Election Day needs. This is going to be the first truly blogged election. Alan and I are taking the blogging of the election to a whole new level. In additon to our 100+ regular contributors at Command Post, we have signed up 86 special correspondents for our Election Day coverage. These correspondents represent every state in the nation, as well as Canada, the U.K. and France. They will bring you instant, first person coverage of the goings-on in their state. They will be posting about everything from voter turnout to election results (not just presidential, but house races as well), photos from the local polls and interviews with voters. Our correspondents from outside the U.S. will be covering reaction abroad. The posts will all be categorized in case you want to read the news from specific states only. The coverage at TCP will be extensive. Every state represented by at least one contributor. Everybody posting from beginning to end, giving you a birds-eye view of what's going on in each state. It's history in an instant, accessible, personal and brought to you not by the media elite, but by people just like you who want to take part in bringing you every scrap of news as it happens, without filter, without editors - just raw footage of this historical election. We'll also be sending out breaking news emails as results come in - be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you haven't already. We hope you plan on joining us. We'd love to have you be a part of the success of this idea. Did I mention there will be fun and games, too? We'll be holding trivia contests with TCP swag as prizes and the chat room will be open all day and night for hearty, civil discussion on the election. Join us. Resistance is futile. Update: The first contest is now open! Pick The Date & Time This Election Will Be Official.


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I love GWB, but I have a feeling his countdown calendar thingie is slowing your site down (hardly a surprise on Election Eve).

I believe you found the culprit. I took it out and the site is loading up faster now. Thanks.

Slightly OT, but:

Remember Megan Harrington

Sounds like TCP will be a good database for making sense out of the potential post-election mess.

I can't find a logical place to post this over at CP, or an e-mail address, so...the link to the Hawai'i page from the Elections page doesn't work.

So, Michele. Happy with the turnout at TCP 2004?

Join you? Why? Are you falling apart?

-- Groucho Marx

looking forward to sending in a couple of updates. I now live in the Texas 31st, formerly in the Texas 11th (Chet Edwards-D). Seeing how part of Chet's base got taken away, I can understand why Dems are more than a little pissed at Tom Delay.

I have to go to work at 10 pm, just when things start picking up.

I have to put up with overnight network returns and can't get any TCP swag?

Life is so unfair.

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