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DJ of the Dead! R0X0R!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute, but the makeup can be done better than that! XD

hey, don't take that comment the wrong way, its a cute costume.

That's not actually the finished product. I'll post more later. And he did it himself. He's 11.


When I was in the sixth grade some kid covered his face with scars and stitches. He should have asked his mother for help; she would have told him not to use one of those permanent markers. Ha! The kid carried those scars for days.

Its all in the mouth and eyes.Mere makeup cannot improve the performance.

Oh,and BTW,whose ninja fist is in the backround?

Ninja fist? Oh my God! DJ, look out! There's someone behind you!

Where did the zombie get a clean shirt? I guess his mombie wouldn't let him go out without one.

I was out at a school gathering last night and two girls were dressed as dead children. Great costume, especially once they learned the line "Mommy, please don't put us in the box." The simplest things make costumes work, especially for two cute three and five-year-olds.

hehhe...I'm sure mommy will appreciate this when they start repeating it in the grocery and she has to explain it to the local constabulary.

it's Treacher's Ninja's behind DJ.. Watch Out!

Why am I not surprised?

so what did he go as?
I'm guessing typical sixth grader? 8)

Wouldn't be making a little subversive political statement would he?


Ohhhhh, he did himself. I'm sorry. That's awesome.