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Halloween Ramblings and a Poll

So, I've figured out how to put the trick in trick or treat. When those punk ass teens come to my door without a costume, just looking for a sugar handout, they'll be in for a big surprise. No costume, no candy. Unless you do a trick for me. Like, sit up and beg. Roll over. Dance the macarena. Something that will embarrass them into remembering that Halloween is not an excuse to shake your neighbors down for treats. If you're not going to play the game right, you're going to be on the losing end of the trick or treat proposition. At least at my house. Maybe I'll just sic my fetus on them. And the first adult who negatively comments about the plethora of Bush/Cheney paraphenelia around/on the house gets the Charlie Brown special. Down their throat. I kid, I kid! I also put a sign up on my door. It may be Halloween, but it's Sunday. Relax a bit. Read the paper. Give me a few hours of peace before you and the rest of the breed happy families in this neighborhood descend on us. Thank you. Anyhow, to keep me from going crazy today, I'll be doing Halloween-themed polls. Here's one to start you off: If you were, today, a seven year old kid headed out to fill your loot bag instead, what would your costume be (taking into consideration what's popular in the realm of mass commercialism in 2004)? I'm going to assume you understand the question.


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Well, my 7-year-old is going as the Queen of the Witches -- essentially a witch suit w/a big evil-queen-from-Snow-White collar. She doesn't particularly care how full her treat bag gets... between the dairy and peanut allergies, there's not much she gets to keep (which is why I bought 2 lbs. of Smarties and a pack of Pixy Stix last night)

I'd go as Shaun from "Shaun of the Dead". If I have to sit up and beg or roll over, whatever.

My seven year old did a 180 in me yeserday.She has this rubber wolf/monster mask with wild hair,looks great,with a purple hooded robe and a skull-topped scythe.She decided that since her firends are going in "girly-girl" costumes that she does not want to be the odd-monster out,so luckily we had the hands and ears to whip up a pretty good Minnie Mouse.We'll see if this will still be the case come tonight.

I always liked my grim reaper costume I made in middle school. My scythe was a broom handle, cardboard, and aluminum foil. And I whitened my face and drew wrinkles with eyeliner.

As a 7-yr-old, though, my favorite costume was Tinkerbell. If I were 7 now, I'd probably dress up as Hermione Granger.

I'd love to dress up as Hellboy.

Hmmm... when I was 7 I think my brother and I both went as clowns in costumes my mom made for us (which I think she still has!) All time favorite costume was Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia.

As a 7 year old now... I'd probably still go as something like Aslan.

My 7 year olds are spiderman and the grim reaper. I would like to be a pirate.

Joey Ramone.

Or Rosanne on an eating binge.

something dead and-or bloody.

the usual.

We had trick or treat here last night. There were a lot of typical costumes, but my super award of the night, and the one I would have tried to emulate last night, was HARRY POTTER.

I don't know if Daniel Radcliff has any relatives in our neck of the woods, but a little boy came to the door looking EXACTLY like a 7 year old version of him.

The costume was actually fairly sparse, they had messed with his hair (I couldn't tell if the black was a die job or not) and added a fake lighting bolt scar, and he was dressed in a white shirt, with a dark tie, dress pants, and either a cape or a robe, worn open.

The amazing part was how much in the face and build he looked the part.

Now my favorite costume of all time for trick or treating happened last year when I still lived in Wisconsin. A 15 year old (or so) girl, came to the door dressed all in white, with fake blood here and there, and a big rope hanging from her head. I couldn't figure out what she was supposed to be, so I asked. The answer: A tampon.

"luckily we had the hands and ears to whip up a pretty good Minnie Mouse"

Yeah, just happened to have mouse hands in the closet. haha

When I was seven I looked a great deal like Hermione Granger, especially in regards to the hair. So that probably would have to be the first choice. However, I might also go with getting a Bush mask and a Kerry mask, putting one on each side of my head, and then, when a treat-er came to the door, turning around a couple of times and saying "I'm Campaign 2004. AROOOOOOOO."

but, what about Nader and Badnarik?

A Starship Trooper, fully outfitted for a combat drop...

In 1977, I was Wonder Woman with my homemade one-piece and iron-on stars. If I was seven years old for Halloween 2004, I'd still be a princess... a Disney one, like this one. Something that elaborate and pretty would've been a true dream for a poor kid, and I guarantee I'd have been wearing it long after Halloween had ended.

A soldier then, a soldier now... wearing my dad's and grandpa's Army and/or Air Force stuff, including Dad'd dog tags which now hang from my desk lamp. I even brought a toy gun to school back then (THE HORROR! THE HORROR!). I suppose these days I'd have to be unarmed (with a UN blue helmet?).

A word to wise about those teenagers you're planning to dis. Not a good idea. Better to make friends with them than risk "tricks."

Compliment them on their costumes. Tell them they look just like high school kids. Great disguise!

You want them on your side especially if you have young kids.

Been there.

nothing is scarier than michael moore asking for candy.

I've always wanted to throw on my lab coat and a nice outfit, paint my face with glow-in-the-dark paint, and go as Marie Curie. Sadly, by the time this idea struck me I was too old to trick-or-treat.

Hey Michele...

If anyone needs a Halloween playlist, I've put mine up here:


If I was 7?


If I were seven today? I'd be the Iron Giant.


Well, I'd have no alternative to dressing up as a big, fat, stupid liar (300 pounds or so), scrub a burned cork five day growth on my lower face, with Fahrenheit 9-11 or treat printed on the front of my size 60 shirt.

I'd refuse any dropped into my lootbag other than fresh Krispy Kremes.

Oh, I guess I was supposed to think 7, not 77. Sorry! Well, then, it has to be Spiderman.

I made a mask of a bird and im trying to be a sandpiper and well im carrying a flashlight and well when my two nephews were little they were always go togethers dracula and frankenstein,superman and batman,spiderman and the incredible hulk,etc and well our grammer school has a anual parade

When I was 7, I was a bum. My mother would always make me be a bum because all it took was my dad's flannel shirts, jacket, his cap and some cork smudge on the cheeks. This turns out to be a trick, however, as I was always warm, and I was the last guy to wimp out and turn for home when Long Island turned cold. Bums, I guess, just didn't get cold in their dad's clothes.

Anyway, if I was seven, I'd be a Red Ninja.

I'm sure that, were I actually seven today, I would want to go as a Princess of some sort. That was the end-all and be-all Back in the Day. I might also dress, perhaps, as Hermione from Harry Potter. I've got the hair for it...and had the teeth, too, at seven.

When I really was seven - circa 1976 - I was reading a cool children's biography of Cleopatra, so naturally, I went trick or treating as Cleopatra. Homemade snake headdress with matching asp bracelet, black wig, heavy eye-makeup, rings, and a sort of coverall-toga-linen-dress getup that my mom whipped up out of a pair of old green drapes she was ready to toss. Best. Costume. Ever. I got piles of candy!

Probably Doctor Octopus.

(And here's another Halloween playlist, by the by.)

I live less than two miles from Fenway Park, so this year, if I was 7 years old, I certainly trick-or-treat as a Red Sox player. Given my Republican leanings, I would probably pick Curt Schilling.

However, even if I were 7 years old, I doubt that I would look as cute in a Red Sox hat as Michele.

Out of the seven batches of kids that have come to the house today, three of them had on costumes that I just weren't sure what they were. As in, I think they were just kids going around getting candy, not dressed as anything. Fascinating tactic.

Probably Brittney Spears. Isn't that so sad?

Doc Ock, with working arms. A trick and, um, several treats all at once.

Do you REALLY have people hitting you up for candy before noon on Halloween?


Jack Skellington, no doubt about it. I'd be Jack Skellington.

I wasn't cool enough when I was 7 to know any pop culture then, but if I were cool and 7 today, it'd be Blossom (PPG.)

A Marine.

At seven? Gee I'm not sure.

At 29 this year, I dressed a giant whoppie cushion if that gives any insights.


....actually, I'd do that at any age.

...okay, I've done it this year....I imagine DJ's in good company....I put together 7 zombies last night....scared the hell out of people.....

...only 364 days to go....this is Halloween....