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radio: disturbing

Per the post below, I discovered that the person responsible for the lounge version of Disturbed's Down with the Sickness (from the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack) is Richard Cheese and Lounge against the Machine who, predictably, cover hard rock songs with a lounge vibe. You really have to know the original version of the Disturbed song to appreciate the sheer beauty of the Cheese cover, so I included both over in the radio. I've also included the LAtM cover of Dead Kennedy's Holiday in Cambodia, which should really become a Christmas classic, something to play as the family gathers together to celebrate the season. Radio in extended entry.
-radio expired-


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There is an acapella cover of "holiday", wish I could remember who did it

Gotta love a guy with the stage name of Dick Cheese

Best. Version. Ever.

Holiday in Cambodia. I think we have the John Kerry concession speech song right there Michele.

I can't stop giggling. Great. Just, great. Hee hee.

This...is...sooooooooo...wrong...on so many levels.

The full credit for the song is "Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine"

Ok. There was an entire sentence missing out of my post. Fixed now.

Thanks!! I wanted to find that!

I think my favorite Richard Cheese song would be Smack My Bitch Up.

The Richard Cheese cover of "Creep" reduces the entire office to giggles every time I play it. "But you're so speciallll, I'll have that speciallll..."

I have two of Richard Cheese's CD's and I absolutely love them...his versions of "Baby Got Back" and "She Hates Me" are classic. Not surprisingly, "Hot For Teacher" translates to lounge very well.

I am writing to apologize to the ASV readership and to Richard D James for overlooking Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy" on the "Halloween party mixtape" thread. Shatterglass regrets the error.

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