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accentuate the positive

I really do appreciate all the emails asking me to join in various projects/rallies/email blitzes, etc., that are designed to bring Kerry down or to pass along some dubious, not yet proven as fact shocking news about the man , but at this juncture I choose to campaign for my candidate and not against his opponent. And: If your email is coming from an obvious psuedonymn, I'm just going to delete it unread. If you can't be honest about who you are, I won't trust the information you are passing on. Also, if you want me to link to a "big" or "breaking" story, please have a source ready other than World Net Daily. Thank you and have a happy Saturday evening.


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I was going to ask you to be part of a Bring Down Kerry email blintz,

but I ran out of powdered sugar, dammit!