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memo from Karl

Just when I gave up hope on hearing from him again. [click for bigger]


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Just when you thought the election was coming to an end and our good buddy Karl Rove, evil genius, was not going to talk to us again, he sends us a letter. [Read More]



I am sure DU will have this posted as proof positive by 11am. Good job, Oh Exalted disciple of His Darkness

I'm sure the NASA expert who staked his career on saying bush was wearing wires during the debate is part of the vast left plot to discredit the President.

See for yourself. "Poorly tailored shirt" Sure.


Otherwise have fun with Karl tonight.

Um... the pentagram at the top of the page is upside down... FORGERY!!!
- Buckhead


If that's true, the folks on the other end of the mic need to get fired. That first debate was the worst performance ever.

This one is out of the park!
Halloween inspires you!

I knew it!!! I knew it!!!


Excellent work, Michele.

Kieth is right...no self-respecting dark arts worshipper would make such a mistake. This is clearly a left-wing conspiracy to discredit the right-wing conspiracy...aaand now I have a headache.



I'd be more impressed if the "wire" actually went all the way up to Bush's ear.

michele, keep it Halloween all the time. Some of your best work.


I'm sure the NASA expert who staked his career on saying bush was wearing wires during the debate is part of the vast left plot to discredit the President.

Are you part of a right-wing plot to discredit the left? More specifically, do you even read the articles to which you link, for fuck's sake?

From the article:

Nelson stresses that he's not certain what lies beneath the president's jacket.

You are either another Rove operative revealed, or you need to work on your reading comprehension.

Huh. Nelson, Robert M. Let's see:

Piatek, et al, 2004. "Scattering properties of planetary regolith analogs", Icarus 171 531.

Spilker, et al 2004 "Saturn A ring surface mass densities from spiral density wave dispersion behavior", Icarus 171 372

Buratti, et al 2004 "9969 Braille: Deep Space 1 infrared spectroscopy, geometric albedo, and classification", Icarus 167, 129

Nelson, Soderblom, and Hapke 2004, "Are the circular, dark features on Comet Borrelly's surface albedo variations or pits?" Icarus, 167, 37

There's much much more. Robert M. Nelson has been a very busy bee. I'm genuinely impressed. But unless Comet Borrelly was wearing a suit jacket, I really don't see evidence of relevant expertise.

Any dumbass (me, e.g.) could've used XV, gimp, or Photoshop to bring the wrinkles on Bush's back into high relief. But unless you can tell what's causing the wrinkles, then you haven't contributed much.

From the article:

"I am willing to stake my scientific reputation to the statement that Bush was wearing something under his jacket during the debate," he says.

Because he knows no one in a position to damage his career is going to a) know or b) care if he's wrong.

Amateurs have certainly had their turn at examining the bulge, but no professional with a résumé as impressive as Nelson's has ventured into public with an informed opinion.

I'd say there was a reason for that...

Karl Rover, Karl Rover, send moonbats on over!
The note is sheer genius. DU will probably add some oil and german dictator references to spice it up... they'll think this is too tame.