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black hoodie hypocrisy

I've written before about the utter hypocrisy of the left, but never have I seen that hypocrisy displayed before me so blatantly as I have today. And yet, they are so wrapped up in their vile righteousness that they remain absurdly unaware of how they are letting their contradictions slip. Yesterday, it was reported that Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling would be appearing with George Bush in New Hampshire today. Schilling - who had been praised on DU recently by the leftie Sox fans who inhabit that sewer for his heroics against the Yankees - was ripped apart by the DU crowd, as was Bush for using Schilling (and it's not just at DU I read these things - I've seen it on leftie blogs, message boards and heard while in the grocery store, among other places). Typical responses included the fact that Schilling is just another rich white guy, so who cares what he has to say; nobody cares what overpaid jocks think; Bush is pathetic for having to use athletes to shore up his fan base; he's just an entertainer whoring himself out for your dollar. One guy mentions that the Sox owner is a Kerry supporter and he hopes that the owner gets rid of Schilling for this. Yay for free speech! And, of course, there is the usual beating of the "he doesn't matter because he's a religious fundie" drum. Which is all typical of the left and uninteresting if taken on its own. However, when taken with the lengthy posts on Eminem and Bruce Springsteen in the same venue, it makes you scratch your head in puzzlement. I suppose when the rich white guy is supporting your candidate, his words suddenly matter. And I suppose that while using athletes to shore up your fan base is pathetic, using musicians is somehow better. So Springsteen and Bon Jovi and the like are heroes for speaking up for their candidate and spending time on the campaign trail, but Schilling stumping for Bush is somehow an affront to humanity. Go figure. And now, in a complete reversal of fortune, Eminem has become the poster boy for the left. The man who was once hailed as a racist, homophobic supporter of spousal abuse is now the king of the leftie world because he made an anti-Bush video. All is forgiven, Eminem! Bash those gays, make more videos about beating up women because you are golden, baby. As long as you come out against Bush, you could come out in favor of eating babies and no one would blink an eye. Eminem, a rich white entertainer, is suddenly the hottest commodity in the Kerry campaign. No matter that when Schilling speaks, the left says that the opinions of media whore opportunists don't matter. When Eminem speaks, the left listens. See, it's not whether you speak out that matters, it's who you speak out for. I just wish they would be honest about that. So now they want you to take a cue from Eninem and wear black hoodies on Election Day to stand in solidarity with the intimidated. Does it seem ridiculous to anyone else that the left is now taking their cues from a white rapper who was once their whipping boy? I keep getting this image of the left as horny teenage kid who makes fun of the fat chick in the class but slips behind the garage with her when she offers him a hand job. I do think the video is a powerful one, and it's well done. The song, eh. A lot of DU talking points over some beats. But it's the fact that the left are jumping on the the voice of Eminem as a powerful tool for this election while dismissing any celebrity that stumps for Bush that's making me bristle. Not the video itself, and not Eminem's motives or ideas, which I am not calling into question here. It's just the whole hypocritical thinking of a) jumping on the bandwagon of an artist previously hated for his lyrics and b) calling people who listen to celebrities (i.e., Schilling) idiots while in the same breat slobbering all over Springsteen and Eminem for supporting your guy. Congratulations, lefties. You're taking marching orders from an entertainer formerly best known for penning lyrics like "Bitch I'ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I'ma conceal you in a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you" But now that he's speaking your language, I guess all is forgiven, eh? So go out and buy your black hoodies. Wear them with pride. As I head to the polls on Tuesday, I'll be able to spot which of you are the biggest sheep of all.


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Astute point. Gazillionaires like Eminem & Springsteen get a pass for mumbling platitudes. What phonies! Oh, & Schilling also commits the faux pas of mentioning his faith. Too awful!

Eminem is, was and always would be a knob. As I said over at BC, this smacks of band-wagon jumping not genuine feeling (however idiotic).

I wouldn't place the blame on the artists, in saying they get to mumble platitudes jeff. I think the left/right pick these people up as poster children to identify with segments of the population. The left needs young voters who are disillusioned on their side because they're more likely to believe the conspiracies since they see themselves at war with the world. Why not pick up Eminem? I doubt he has made any statements outside of his artform backing either candidate, people just assume that since he's against the current administration, he must be for the alternative. To tell the truth, I'd be surprised if he gave 'two shits and a squirt of piss' to use his own words.

It's the same with most of these people. They find out that someone supports their campaign and they pick them up. Schilling? yeah, that'll put us in good with the working guys, the victorious underdog types, the 'I can pitch through the series with a bleeding ankle because I'm superhuman'crew. It's all a toy, and it's ind of gross, because it really shouldn't matter who supports a candidate.

Schilling is campaigning with Bush now? That's annoying. How am I, a Yankees fan, going to be able to continue to hate him now that I know his heart is in the right place even if the rest of him pitches for Boston? This is a problem.

Otherwise, I don't really think that musicians or athletes generally have any special knowledge that makes their opinions particularly helpful on things like, oh, nuclear proliferation. I certainly don't trust them to help me pick a President.

In any event, as always, your opinions are thoughtfully expressed and count more with me than Bruce Springsteen's do.

I think using Schilling is a shrewd move. I think using Eminem is sad and desperate. What's next?

Dre 2004 'Get Out Da Chronic' Tour: Kerry Smokes Weed Yo!

RP, more than Springsteens do? But he's the friggin BOSS, man!

I've never understood the credibility given to someones opinion because of their talent in another field. Schilling may be a great ball player and Springsteen -- well, he's The Boss -- but how that qualifies them to speak for anyone else baffles me.

We're in a world of shit if anyone bases a vote on an Eminem video or a pitchers opinion. However, that's not say they aren't entitled to voice their beliefs and if we are foolish enough to give them a pulpit I say, "Preach on brother. Preach on."

As far as the specifics of the 'hoodie' thing go, who cares? This is the same as the right boycotting the Dixie Chicks -- it may sway a few sheep but they'd be swayed by a clerk at the grocery store or the voices in their heads anyway. The rest of us will make up our own minds.

From what I've heard, the Red Sox as a team are pretty solidly Republican. The players, that is. I've also heard the front office is pretty lefty.

Just as the brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell or Dr. Condolezza Rice are deemed simpleton lackies for those oppressive rich white guys, they just don't speak our language, man.

(sarcasim off)

Wait -- I like black hoodies. So now if I wear one I'll be associated with that idiot? Grrrr.

I have to say, though, that if Bush ends up getting elected because he wins New Hampshire thanks to Schilling, that will be a fitting end to The Curse. I like the idea of the end of the Curse having a powerful effect, LOTR fan that I am. Though I am finding it somewhat hilarious to think of Eminem vs. Schilling. Yes, they're both good self-promoters, but Eminem needs to bash groups he considers weaker in order to look tough, while Schilling walks the walk with a jury-rigged foot.

In addition, people are also making cracks that people shouldn't be surprised that a "Jesus freak" like Schilling would be supporting Bush. He's just another one of those "radical fundamentalist Christians" that wants to turn the United States into a "theocracy."

As a baseball agnostic, I really didn't even know who Schilling is until the last few weeks.

Don't beat me.

But I have to smile ... I heard a clip of Schilling on with Charles Gibson on Good Morning America, and at the end you could hear the Gibson and the ABC staff practically swallow their tongues when Schilling ended the interview with "everyone get out to vote ... and vote for Bush."


Michele, what's your current labeling status of "the Left"? Recently you expressed the opinion that you could no longer tell the difference between reasonable (or as you put it "less insane") Demo-lefties and Michael Moore Tinfoil Moonbats. Does that still stand? 'Cause I gotta tell you, as a rock 'n' roll lefty who's the same age and from the same background as you, I wouldn't be caught dead in a DU forum. I also have absolutely no problem with Schilling speaking up for Bush, nor do I object to any celebrity endorsing a candidate (you'll be disgusted to know I'm a Springsteen-lovin' Jersey boy, sorry).

I realize there are lamebrain moonbats out there, just as there are stupid fatheads on the Right, but I personally make a distinction between you and Michael Savage, for example. It's disheartening and not a little frustrating to see your view of the Left so constantly generalized to the point where as a Kerry supporter I'm being dumped in with the screamy lefty know-nothing crowd, for whom I feel little empathy and have zero patience.

I'm not trying to tell you what to write or who to write about or complaining that your blog isn't what I think it should be, but it's that much less enjoyable for me to visit when you post stuff like this.

Good luck on Tuesday.

Well, I don't know how to label them anymore. Put it this way - if you're not involved in what I'm talking about, then I'm not talking about you.


I know, and work, with some card-carrying Democrats .. who are so disgusted with their party being dominated by the Michael Moore faction (Jaysus on a Pony, during the DemCon he was given a seat of honor next to Jhimmi Carter! Hello?) they are voting Republican for the first time in their lives.

Our exec. secretary and her husband are observant Jews, with family in Israel. They both changed their political registration to Republican early this year after watching the Dem primaries.

One gal, registered Dem GW voter, has been describing with horror the political fliers she's been getting from the Dem Party. I've asked her to bring it to work so I can see it.

Truly, jasond, I don't doubt there are sincere and reasonable people voting for Kerry. But in talking with some the impression I get is that they are less pro-Kerry than anti-GW. Their right of course, but if I point that out they look at me in shock. They really don't want to admit it. Especially that they are willing to put this country, in the midst of war, into the hands of an avowed anti-military internationist with a dismal Senate record who cannot take a definitive stand on any issue including the Iraq war.

The Republican party got spanked, and rightfully so, when it lurched too much to the right.

The Dems deserve that same spanking now.

Good ideas come from healthy competition. Give me a rational, adult, liberal but anti-left, pro-American Democrat Party as an alternative to the Republicans.

Until that party shows up, I'll be voting straight ticket Republican.

michele: fair enough.

Darleen: I respect that, thanks for a reasoned and thoughtful response.

Schilling will not be stumping for Bush because he can't walk to well right now. Read this following quote from Boston Dirt Dogs and tell me you can imagine Eminem or Bruce saying something like this-

Boston Dirt Dogs exclusive: "I am now not medically cleared to do anything until I see Doc on Sunday, so I cannot travel with President Bush tomorrow (Friday). Second, while I am a Bush supporter, and I did vote for him with an absentee ballot, speaking as I did the other day was wrong. While I hope to see him re-elected, it's not my place, nor the time for me to offer up my political opinons unsolicited. I am proud we have the right to vote, and the message I wanted to send but didn't, was that regardless of who you are voting for the bottom line is that you MUST vote. You must vote because there are millions of Americans who have given their lives before us, and will continue to give their lives after us, so that we can remain free to make the choices we need to make when it comes to electing our Nation's leaders."-- Curt Schilling

The Schilling statue for downtwon Boston is already on order...

A friend of mine here in Boston recently went off on a spittle-flecked rant about Curt Schilling, holding him personally responsible for every individual who dies a violent death in Iraq, every woman who's stripped of her abortion rights here or abroad, yadda yadda. Her parting shot? She hopes his sutures rot.

This -- fervently hoping someone succumbs to sepsis simply because he did not reflect the views or endorse the candidate of her choosing -- comes straight from a liberal, self-proclaimed 'pacifist.' Because, you know, she's all about diversity and tolerance....just as long as the diversity falls under the umbrella of her personally endorsed special interest groups, and just as long as 'tolerance' means 'I agree with that.'

And this woman is a militant feminist. Militant. And avows that she's all about women's rights, and all about combatting crimes against women. Yet, not so much as a peep out of her about Eminem. Not a whisper, not a blink of the eye. Nope. I guess it's okay if Eminem is a misogynist, as long as he's supporting the 'cause.'

My response to her was 'I'm voting for Bush. I've encouraged others to also vote for Bush. Perhaps you'd like to wish my cancer back on me for that?'

I swear, it'll be a complete miracle if I don't shrug off every one of my LLL friends between now and Tuesday. Which, considering where I live, would leave me pretty much friendless for a radius of about 200 miles. I just don't know that I can continue to socialize with people who have a moral compass with a needle that is so damned sticky.

Darleen, I actually have a more salient response to your post.

While I have no doubt that your experiences with the Democrats you mentioned are legit, all I can tell you is that my feelings towards the Bush Administration (and not Bush himself, note) are the result of reasoned, rational thinking on my part. I come by my opinions honestly, just as I'm sure you do, with a minimum of hysteria and knee-jerk thinking, rooted in a love for my country and the dictates of my conscience. You're free to think my opinions are flawed, misguided or just plain stupid, but I feel the need to object when they're characterized as crazy or hateful (and I know you didn't, but I'm just making a greater point here).

res·sen·ti·ment (n): A generalized feeling of resentment and often hostility harbored by one individual or group against another, especially chronically and with no means of direct expression.

"The slave revolt in morality begins when ressentiment itself becomes creative and gives birth to values: the ressentiment of natures that are denied the true reaction, that of deeds, and compensate themselves with an imaginary revenge. While every noble morality develops from a triumphant affirmation of itself, slave morality from the outset says No to what is "outside," what is "different," what is "not itself," and this No is its creative deed. This inversion of the value-positing eye-this need to direct one's view outward instead of back to oneself-is of the essence of ressentiment: in order to exist, slave morality always first needs a hostile world; it needs, psychologically speaking, external stimuli in order to act at all-- its action is fundamentally reaction."

--Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Geneology of Morals

res·sen·ti·ment (noun): deep-seated resentment, frustration, and hostility accompanied by a sense of being powerless to express these feelings directly (Merriam-Webster)

Heh, in NYC when someone talks about 'The Boss' they are usually talking about George Steinbrenner.

Eminem is the ultimate poster boy for western capitalism; selling the decadence that terrorists loathe while at the same time selling this vague, quasi-Marxist mindset that, if adopted, would weaken our national security. His reward for these actions? Millions and millions and millions and millions...

Eminem is just what he's always said he was:

"I'm here to push your buttons, piss you off. My job pays well."

What's amazing to me is that anyone assigns some deeper meaning to his music. He states outright that he'll say anything because he's in it for the money and yet some people at the DU praise his recent anti-Bush video as heroic social commentary? Sheesh...

This is so typical, and completely understandable given the Dems penchant for embracing the endorsement of virtually ANYONE with enough of a following to deliver them a handful of votes. The party's got no soul left. Honest to God, they'd tout Ghaddaffi's endorsement if they thought he had a percentage of the US population's backing. It speaks to the utter lack of moral principal that is now the Democratic Party.
I've never understood for a moment why in the hell anyone would lend a shred of credibility to any entertainment figure's opinion. Let's face it, when it comes to politics and foreign policy most celebrities are dumber than fucking hoe handles. I wouldn't ascribe any weight to anything they said any more than I would my next door neighbor's opinion. I suppose Kerry's camp believes they've accomplished a major coup in Springsteen's endorsement. Springsteen. The Boss? Bullshit. He ain't The Boss. He's another filthy-roll-in-the-mud rich, insulated rock star who's fooled a couple million idiots into thinking that he's the 21st century working-class street-cred 2nd coming of Woody Guthrie because he recorded that inanely stupid, stilted folk parody "Nebraska" LP. God, I hate that fucking record. It's oozes phony horshit from every groove. I don't give a goddamn how sincere it sounds. It's the desperate appeal of a millionaire to gain back his lost credibility with legions of fans who knew that the guy was singing about subject matter that was completely foreign to his current life's experiences. It was like when Paul Simon released that Graceland LP that every critic in the world pissed down his leg over, and every one-dimensional yuppie you knew added it to their record collection, proudly displaying it in the front of their stacks so you just knew how deep and sensitive they were. What horseshit. Simon had to do something to square up his street cred, and pooling together a group of ethnic and cultural minority musicians to make a new LP fools the critics and record-buying masses on Pavlovian cue. They eat it up like gullible fools every time. Don't get me wrong here. Before anyone would accuse me of anti-capitalist rhetoric or racist underpinnings, understand this - I'm a fervent capitalist - I would love to see us ALL as wealthy as Mr. Springsteen. I don't begrudge Bruce his riches - there's no question that he's worked hard for it, and deserves every penny of it. But don't, DON'T sing/preach to me about how hard it is to find a job or how my non-union labor hurts the working classes or how tough life is, when your fucking pool cleaner and limo driver probably makes five times as much as my kid's school teacher. It's the same hipocrisy that exists among the fans of those infamous anti-capitalists Rage Against Their Royalty Checks. It's fucking laughable. That being said, Bruce ain't "The Boss" of anything other than phony-assed faintly-disguised elitist condescension swaddled in the cloth of disingenuine working-class playacting. Fuck him.

"The most incurably frustrated - and, therefore, the most vehement - among the permanent misfits are those with an unfulfilled craving for creative work. Both those who try to write, paint, compose, etc, and fail decisively, and those who after tasting the elation of creativeness feel a drying up of the creative flow...are alike in the grip of a desperate passion. Neither fame nor power nor riches can still their hunger. Even the whole-hearted dedication to a holy cause does not always cure them. Their unappeased hunger persists, and they are likely to become the most violent extremists in the service of their holy cause. (p. 50)"

- The True Believer, Eric Hoffer

"You're taking marching orders from an entertainer formerly best known for penning lyrics like "Bitch I'ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I'ma conceal you in a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you" "

And you're putting a convicted drunk driver who believes Jesus told him to be president in office. Stupid is as stupid does for all, I suppose.


The many to whom capitalism gave a comfortable income and leisure are yearning for entertainment. Crowds throng to the theatres. There is money in show business. Popular actors and playwrights enjoy a six-figure income. They live in palatial houses with butlers and swimming pools. They certainly are not prisoners of starvation. Yet Hollywood and Broadway, the world-famous centers of the entertainment industry, are hotbeds of communism. Authors and performers are to be found among the most bigoted supporters of Sovietism...

Under capitalism, material success depends on the appreciation of a man's achievements on the part of the sovereign consumers. In this regard there is no difference between the services rendered by a manufacturer and those rendered by a producer, an actor or a playwright. Yet the awareness of this dependence makes those in show business much more uneasy than those supplying the customers with tangible amenities. The manufacturers of tangible goods know that their products are purchased because of certain physical properties. They may reasonably expect that the public will continue to ask for these commodities as long as nothing better or cheaper is offered to them, for it is unlikely that the needs which these goods satisfy will change in the near future. he state of the market for these goods can, to some extent, be anticipated by intelligent entrepreneurs. They can, with a degree of confidence, look into the future.

It is another thing with entertainment. People long for amusement because they are bored. And nothing makes them so weary as amusements with which they are already familiar. The essence of the entertainment industry is variety. The patrons applaud most what is new and therefore unexpected and surprising. They are capricious and unaccountable. They disdain what they cherished yesterday. A tycoon of the stage or the screen must always fear the waywardness of the public. He awakes rich and famous one morning and may be forgotten the next day. He knows very well that he depends entirely on the whims and fancies of a crowd hankering after merriment. He is always agitated by anxiety. Like the master-builder in Ibsen's play, he fears the unknown newcomers, the vigorous youths who will supplant him in the favor of the public.

It is obvious that there is no relief from what makes these stage people uneasy. Thus they catch at a straw. Communism, some of them think, will bring their deliverance. Is it not a system that makes all people happy? Do not very eminent men declare that all the evils of mankind are caused by capitalism and will be wiped out by communism? Are not they themselves hard-working people, comrades of all other working men?

It may be fairly assumed that none of the Hollywood and Broadway communists has ever studied the writings of any Left author and still less any serious analysis of the market economy. But it is this very fact that, to these glamour girls, dancers and singers, to these authors and producers of comedies, moving pictures and songs, gives the strange illusion that their particular grievances will disappear as soon as the “expropriators; will be expropriated. There are people who blame capitalism for the stupidity and crudeness of many products of the entertainment industry."

- The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, Ludwig von Mises


Emmiem is making fools of the Left.
Listen, Em probabaly has an IQ close to 140+, Ok? He ONLY cares about two things. His Daughter and making lots of money. He is playing on every talking point of the DU and to the sterotype of his base audience. He KNOWS it will sell copies to the "sheep"! I peg Em as a libertarian. I DO wonder if Patrica Irland (N.O.W.) will support him? LOLOL
Too damn funny!
Hell I might just go out and buy his CD because of it.


And you're putting a convicted drunk driver who believes Jesus told him to be president in office. Stupid is as stupid does for all, I suppose.

Are you talking about this stuff? You know that for religious people, there's a difference between believing you're being "called by God" to do something and the "chatting with Jesus" suggestion you're making?

Of course, only freaks believe in that stuff. Martin Luther King, for example. What a nutjob!

Good show, Michelle. How many broken windows do you think the majority of your posters are sporting in their glass houses?

When I was a child I used to fall asleep with a transistor radio at my ear listening to the Yankees games.

That said, I believe the Red Sox were due, and I congratulate them. Now that they have the World Series, I hope that Boston is willing to take John Kerry back to Massachusetts in the bargain.

Boston wins, the rest of the country wins, and we will all be better off for it.

Michele, the hypocracy we've witnessed on the part of the left in the last few years is apparently boundless. I don't want to get started, because there is no stopping point.

I will venture to guess that most of your regular readers are better informed on the issues than the average celeb spokesbot, but mouthing off in the press and embracing boutique political causes is so much less demanding than doing things that actually benefit real people.

Afterall, isn't that the government's responsibility?

One more thing, I had a restless night last night and turned on C-SPAN for a little while sometime after 2:30 AM. I was priviledged to hear within minutes of each other, Teresa Heinz Kerry and George Soros lecture me on what it means to be an American.

It was really creepy.

There is a double standard in America and of course it favors The Lefties. They can have a Senator who was one in the KKK and if Republicans even say the word 'Racist' they get accussed of being racist.
Actually, Bush has the most diverse cabinet in history. More diverse than Clint-on's.

Flamen - you're entitled to your opinion about Springsteen's music, but calling Nebraska a "stupid, stilted parody" classifies you as a freaking, flaming nut job in my book. Just so ya know.

If being rich means that Springsteen has no credibility in attempting to understand or speak to the plight of working people, then the same is damn sure true for Bush and Kerry. Let's start over and find some guys who DO understand working folk.

Michele, I'm another Kerry-voting Democrat who likes Curt Schilling and has no problem with him participating in the election as he sees fit. I agree the reason we're hearing a lot stupidity coming from the left these days is intense hatred for Bush. Where we disagree is on whether Bush has done a good job as President, and whether he's done anything to help generate that hatred.

Celebrity endorsements shouldn't make any difference, but judging from the inanity of all the political ads we're currently being subjected to, many people obviously do base their votes on frivolous information. The only real solution to that problem will be to somehow create a smarter, more politically sophisticated and more informed electorate. I'm not holding my breath...

I liked Nebraska.

Springsteen has no credibility because he is an unthinking imbecile. Good singer and songwriter, but a dummie when it comes to political philosophy and understanding the human condition.

I suspect he is driven entirely by ego, creative failure, greed and resentment in his supposed "advocacy" of policies which claim to "help" working people (but of course also rob them of freedom, shit over their dignaty and leave them even more economically crippled...but that's another story).

Shut the fuck up, Snarky

I'm just waiting for the Insane Clown Posse answer rap. (HINT: "Bush" rhymes with "tush"!)


" plight of working people,"
Just what is the 'plight'of the working people? That they have to get up every day and report to work? Or that the company they work for doesn't carry ALL of their health expenses as well as pay for their food, clothing, utilities and rent/mortgage payments.
The working people of this country have it better by 100% than anywhere else in the world.
Maybe you think the 'plight' of the working people should be resolved by taxing the rich right out of existance.
Where are you from? The ex USSR?
There is no 'plight' of the working people. That is classic communism rhetoric.
I'm one of those working stiffs. Where's my plight? I was without insurance for awhile, had an accident. And you know what? The hospital cared for me just like someone with insurance.
So where's all this 'plight' stuff?
Maybe this country needs to turn itself around, and decide to become SELF SUFFICIENT.
You know help out the 'plight' of the working stiff and get the tax burden of welfare out of their pocket books too.

Michele, I guess it never occurred to you that when artists as dimetrically opposed as Eminem and Moby (and for that matter, writers as diametrically opposed as Paul Berman and Juan Cole) are joining forces and supporting Kerry, then that's a pretty good indicator of the level of threat they all agree on that is this administration. Look at the forest, not the trees.

Uh, no Brad. I really don't give a crap what Moby thinks of Eminem. If you read again, I'm more concerned with people dropping all pretenses of thinking Eminem is a racist, homophobic wife beater just because he is now speaking to their side of an issue. Also, I address the hypocrisy of people calling Republicans idiots for caring what Curt Schilling has to say and then turning around and getting all giddy at the fact that Springsteen is out their campaigining for Kerry.

Get it yet, Brad? Stop projecting, hon.

I am going to appolotize for my posts and encourage Michelle to delete them.

See I didn't see posting them as moving away original intent of the post.

I think it shed light on why artists such as Em are motivated to do these things.

But apparently I failed in my intent so I will cease posting here.

Your front lawn is getting pretty full of rocks. :)

What you have here is a fine example of my enemy's enemy is my friend.

Excellent post, Michele.

Oh godammit. My two favorite sweatshirts happen to be black with hoods. One from my hometown of San Pedro (proudly displayed all across the back) and one from Surf Concepts in Manhattan Beach. Now how the fuck am i supposed to keep warm on 11/2 if all these weenies are wearing the same goddamn thing?!

I swear. I guess i'll have to wear the Big Blue Bathrobe of Doom.

Many of the most outspoken musicians probably have considerably less education than the average ASV reader. (I saw an article comparing some of them somewhere but don't have a link). I could care less that they speak out, that's their right. But michele absolutely pegs it when she calls the rabid lefties hypocrits.

And the sheep remark is perfect.

Looks like the owners had a talk with Schilling.


Haven't read all the comments yet, but here's my .02... When I first heard Schilling talk about his faith (a couple of the other Sox did this too) during postgame stuff over the past couple weeks, it has given me more respect for them. They've all been quite humble about it, I like it.

And now the lefties are squeeling because Schilling stated his opinion about the election? What the heck? I really don't understand the moonbats. We've all known they're hypocrits, but this is so incredibly transparent!

Wednesday can't get here soon enough.

MikeR -
Wow, I've collected records for about 25 years, and managed record stores for about 12, and I don't believe I've ever met a music fan who considers anyone a "freaking, flaming nutjob" because they don't share the same opinion on a record or artist. Maybe you are a "special" music fan who holds the only "true" vision of what constitutes good or bad music. So, in your words, would anyone who thinks that Nebraska is a crappy record a "freaking, flaming nutjob"? Shit, I guess that nearly half of all the music collectors I know fall into that category - I'll be sure to let them know that you handed down judgement from on high. Hey, I'm just another asshole with another asshole opinion. It all comes down to individual tastes and perceptions. For the record, I think that Bruce's "Darkness on the Edge of Town" record is absolutely brilliant. I used to be a fan of sorts. Seen him live 4 times. Owned a copy of everything he recorded up to "The River." I'm not slamming his ability to write good music, but I still maintain my position that Nebraska is a calculated, insincere bid for working class credibility. I call his motivation and sincerity into question. Personally, I still don't get that the songwriting on Nebraska in and of itself is all that wonderful or unique. To my ears it all sounds like reconstituted Woody Guthrie folky horseshit run through a "look at me, I'm so sensitive" strainer, much in the same way that Tom Petty's current schtick (yes, I said SCHTICK) appears to be little more than diluted Dylan riffs and ideas. What the hell's so unique about that? If I want listen to music based on working-class woes or poverty blues I can just walk over to my blues shelf of over 1500 Blues CDs and pull out a disc by an artist who REALLY felt these things, and sang the lyrics with a sincere honesty and true-life conviction, unlike the music of a few pampered celebrity millionaires who love to play at the "real thing." It's an opinion, Mr. Christgau. You'd probably hate about 50% of everything in my present music collection, but I still wouldn't characterize you as a "freaking, flaming nutjob." that being said, you are most welcome to kiss my rosey red rectum.

Oh jesuschrist. Everyone just shut the fuck up today.

My apologies. Shutting up, starting...now.

I'm a Democrat - I believe in personal freedoms over legislated morality, and that a country should be judged based on how it treats its least fortunate citizens. I'm a Red Sox fan, though I was born in the South, and I don't have any issue at all with Curt Schilling heartily, publicly endorsing President Bush. I don't know anyone who does. I live in the beating heart of Red Sox nation, I've heard not word one of this supposed outcry over Schilling's endorsement, and I honestly think it's a scandal largely invented by people who like to hear themselves talk.

As for Eminem, he's a sensationalist. So is Michael Moore. So are Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. They're also citizens, and as such have a right to state their cases. Some do so through art, some through punditry, and some blend the two, but they all share one quality - you have to have chosen to listen to them to hear their message. I found Eminem's video powerful and direct. I found "Fahrenheit 9/11" bombastic and unneccessarily misleading - I seriously dislike Moore's fact-stretching and spin, and the case against Bush needs no lies or half-truths to bolster it. I listen to O'Reilly every now and again, to see what the other side has to say, and I usually end up growling at the radio. Do I think O'Reilly speaks for all conservatives? God, no. I don't know many conservatives who like him. My father sure doesn't.

My father is a highly decorated Marine, Vietnam veteran, and conservative to the bone. He called to tell me he voted early ballot for Kerry in Florida. I was honestly stunned to hear it. His reasoning is twofold, and simple: First, he finds the idea of a Commander-in-Chief who had a choice to serve his country in active duty and did not repugnant, (my father volunteered for Vietnam on the simple reasoning that if he country told him it needed him, the politics didn't interest him) and he believes that Bush has been a miserable steward of the economy, and does not embody conservative fiscal values. But he wanted me to know that second, he might not agree with Kerry on many things, but he admires the man, his military service, (he didn't think that the RNC handing out purple heart band-aids was all that cute, either) and just generally prefers him on character, which he considers the most important quality of a leader. I've always been just as proud to be his daughter whether we agree or not, but I have to say it will be a real pleasure to cast the same vote as my father for the first time in my life.

I'm sick to death of being told that my chosen party is anti-American, as if there were anything more American than expressing a dissenting voice when you believe that your leadership is harming your beloved land. I am a woman who has gone into more than one business to protest the hanging of their flag unlit at night. I am a woman with many conservatuve friends and family members, and I'd never equate conservative, Christian values with wrongdoing. I am a liberal who loves God and believes that children should be able to pray in school, whose family members have died in service of this country. I am no less a patriot that Ann Coulter, indeed I believe my love of this land is much truer than hers, because I love my country with my heart, with my soul, and with my intellect and imagination; however, I would never go about defending against a supposed ideological threat from within by calling my opponents traitors. I think just about as much of someone who levels a charge of treason at an American citizen exercising their right of free speech as I do of someone who'd call the President of the United States a Nazi. Both charges - one from the left, one from the right - are hideously inaccurate, disingenuous, and the worst possible sort of dogmatic filth.

I spend a lot of time defending conservatives to liberals, and vice versa, because I think that we are engaged, right now, in unproductive, even harmful, ideological trench warfare. I have learned during this process that people who tend to know a lot about the people and sound bites of the other side know very little about the issues themselves on either side. They're shallow, and they rely on shallow information and other people to tell them what they think. Both sides have these people in abundance. I think that's a shame, because America could use an honest, open public debate right now.

Kid Rock rules, Eminem drools!

I've never considered Eminem a racist. A violent, sexist homophobe--or at least willing to pander to same--yes. I haven't heard/seen "Mosh," but if he was to suddenly grow up and embrace positive values, I'd say welcome to the big tent. I'll bet most gays are more troubled that the president is a homophobe--or at least willing to pander to same.

And how about the president? From booze-addled ne'er-do-well to savior of the free world. Seems like Bush supporters love a good conversion/redemption story, too.

I like Curt Schilling's pitching; I disagree with his politics. I apparently agree with Eminem's politics; I think his "music" is shit. If that's hypocrisy, Michele, you're guilty of it, too. There's no shortage of people on the right demonizing celebrities who stump for Democrats as "media whore opportunists." See, we all think the issues at stake are important, and just as we oppose the candidates, we oppose people who speak up for them. It's not pathological, it just makes sense.

I never visit DU myself, but you keep crawling through "that sewer," Michele. Wouldn't want you to run low on pointless outrage.

Chandra, I think you're ahead of the curve, honestly.
While watching game 4 of the world series, I heard my roommate's friends calling Bush a "psycho" over and over again.
Now, I understand if you disagree with a candidate's policies. I don't see eye to eye with Kerry. Still, most of the Democrats I know are in the "Blame Republicans and Bush for everything" camp. Perhaps I keep bad company, but some of these people are my friends with whom I share strong convictions. I'm becoming afraid to open my mouth on matters political, because of the emotional reaction I receive.


The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

My post was aimed at Chandra BTW.

pk, I think you missed the entire point. If you think I was talking about liking the music of someone whose politics you hate, then your reading comprehension skills aren't all that great.

Eminem? He's a rapper. Regardless of his melanin count (or lack thereof), who cares what he thinks?

I love the comments Kerry made when he appeared with Bon Jovi:

"Bon Jovi and I have a lot in common.
He plays the guitar. I play the guitar. (pause for non-existent applause)
He wears a leather jacket. I wear a leather jacket (pause for non-existent applause)
He was named one of People Magazine's Fifty Sexiest Men alive. I read People Magazine! (pause for uncomfortable chuckles)."

What good are celebrities if this is how you use them?


I have no idea what you're trying to convey here.

First, I hate misappropriated quotes, especially when used in lieu of the quoter having anything substantive of their own to say. You're apparently leveling at me a charge that, in "Hamlet," Gertrude was leveling at the Player Queen, who was, of course, acting out Gertrude's own sins. Are you suggesting that you secretly feel as I do, and are ashamed?

I admit that's amusing, but it doesn't explain your point, if you have one. If this is some odd way of calling me a liar when I'm using only anecdotes and personal opinion, then...well, I guess you'd have to know me to believe me, and that's not a likely thing, so let's at least say that I'm likely to know more about my life than you, m'kay?

Second, you misspelled my name. :P

I'd be pleased as punch to elaborate on any point of mine you take issue with, but spare me your faux literary scholarship.

Get a room, guys.

Chanda, I have a serious problem with your claim that your father is a "highly decorated Marine, Vietnam veteran" who "finds the idea of a Commander-in-Chief who had a choice to serve his country in active duty and did not repugnant."

First, 99.9% of the servicement I've met, talked with, read articles by, or their books will agree that serving in the Guard is in no way "avoiding" service.

Second, the same 99.95 who do consider service important hold that Bush did in fact serve honorably (F-102s were a bitch to fly, but then so were any of the century series), and Kerry did not server honorably! I'm especially suprised to hear of a decorated Marine combat vet who was offended by the purple-heart band-aids. In fact, I'm astonished that any Marine would consider Kerry honorable, since he abandoned his men after getting three scratches. Most leathernecks wouldn't even accept a Purple Heart for boo-boos that Kerry put in for.

Finally, I'm having trouble with any Vietnam combat vet who considers Kerry "honorable." Usually the words they prefer are "Vile," "despicable," and "traitor." Their words, not mine.

But hey, maybe your dad is that extraordinarily rare, one in ten million "highly decorated Marine, Vietnam veteran, and conservative to the bone" who prefers Kerry over Bush. It could happen.

But the other nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine wouldn't piss on Kerry if he were on fire.

Actually, I take that back. They would piss on Kerry. But only if it were a big fire. :)

Dear Chandra: I mispelled your name because I secretly question your patriotism. We are all against you. Have a nice day.


I'm always wary of people with fake statistics. 99.95, huh? That's a lot. It's funny, I've met some of the sort of people you're taking about, and spoken with them respectfully about their views. Some feel exactly as you say. Some don't. I'm not going to make up a fake percentage here, because it means nothing. But I know veterans both for and against Kerry, and I respect both. And yes, there is a difference, to a serviceman who put his life on the line, between active, fighting duty, and nancing about back home because of your father's influence. It would be fair to say that my dad loathes both Clinton and Gore. As to the charges against Kerry, none of the men in his own boat feel that way, and it's their opinion that matters to me, and to my father. Purple heart band-aids should not be hard to figure out - they denigrate the award itself, which is often handed out for things much worse than scratches. And even a scratch can leave a wound like the one my dad has, the one where sometimes he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night.

I have seen my father saluted by an entire ship full of Navy men - for a reason I don't know. We had to get security clearance to go onto the base at Mayport, and we all gave name and social security numbers, and something they found on my dad, between the time we left that gate and the time we reached that ship for the tour, found a whole crew standing at attention when we arrived. He wouldn't tell us why, but he knew. So you'll forgive me if my respect for his opinion of a soldier is higher than someone who likes to make up statistics and talk about golden showers.


We don't agree, and you don't want to talk about it. I respect that, and you, and I thank you for reading and responding. Believe me, my patriotism doesn't feel threatened. :)

You have a nice day, too. I really mean that.

The low point on the celebrity-as-political-expert totem pole was the day some years ago that Barbara Streisand gave a "lecture" at Harvard Business School. After that, nothing really surprises me.

Actually I agree you think conservatives hate the poor and want to lock people up and that you are sick and tired of something or other, but what that something is has left me very confused.

Se we agree and I want you to write more of your manifesto. Please publish it under the title "Will There Ever Be A Rainbow?"


You seem determined to tag me as some sort of whacked-out leftist hippie sort. And stereotyping is exactly the sort of thing that makes for crappy conversations about anything. I own a gun, for Heaven's sake. I'm not a typical anything, let alone liberal.

You haven't the faintest idea who I am, and your imagination seems fettered by cliches. I was trying to engage a community of people I consider intelligent but do not usually agree with in an honest discussion of the issues that this post brought up. And you've utterly failed to discuss anything of import. The only thing I've gotten out of anyone are innuendos that my father may be a figment of my imaginations, which would surprise my mother - who is, by the way, a Democrat since birth, and loves my father very much. Maybe it's from them, a pair of people who diagree vehemently about many things, but love each other, anyway, that I get my desire to build bridges with people I don't agree with. Anyway, I don't think it's an ignoble goal.

I'm sorry you seem to disagree. I can, and will, take a hint, and I won't bother the community with another post - it was never my intention to be a troll, as I really think I had something to say.

But, anyway. I really do admire the level of intelligence of this blog and its commenters on the whole, and will continue to read. Quietly.

You speak for the community now? Well congrats.

Please read above - I haven't said a thing about you being a wacked out leftist hippie. I simply repeated your premises in a more honest way and indicated confusion about your main point.

I suspect calling yourself a wacked-out leftist hippie is a Freudian slip on your part. Your fault for assuming. But I must be the troll because I don't write 5-6 paragraphs putting words in people's mouths.

Ted: I tried to email you a private response to your last remark, but it would seem that the email addy you provided was a fake. No big shocker, there. I signed my opinions with my real name and email address, because I believe in what I say. I think it's a good policy. When I was an editor, I can tell you I didn't publish the opinions of people who didn't provide contact info.

"But I must be the troll because I don't write 5-6 paragraphs putting words in people's mouths." You did, in fact, put words in my mouth, you tried to rephrase something I said, and you did it badly. I don't think that conservatives hate the poor, I think they believe that the money would be better spent on other things, including other job and economic initiatives. I don't hate or even dislike George W. Bush. He is my President, and a patriot serving his country. I simply disagree with him, and would like to see him replaced with another, more intelligent and thoughtful patriot.

If Kerry loses, though, I will continue to argue with certain people over here on the left about showing respect to our leaders, our flag, our soldiery, and our Constitution. When Kos made his horrible and infamous comments about the contract soldiers who died in Fallujah, I was one of his first and most vehement critics. But in the end, everyone's opinion is their own, and while I obviously believe in an exchange of ideas, you have yet to present one idea of your own, Ted. You're just snarky and insulting, and makes me tired. It really does. And kinda sad.

But I'm quixotic. If you wish to continue this discussion, Mr. Ted, you do have my correct email address. I'd be happy to find out what it was I said that you seem to have gotten your panties in such a nonspecific bunch.

To everyone else - said I'd shut up, and I didn't, and I apologize. I mean it this time. :)


"First, he finds the idea of a Commander-in-Chief who had a choice to serve his country in active duty and did not repugnant"

Oh, so he would never, ever support a candidate who tried to get deferment to study abroad and only joined when he had to and tried to get the safest possible posting and then used a technicality to leave early. Was that your point?

"none of the men in his own boat feel that way"

Right. Except for the one who does. But I forgot, he must be one of the lying-filthy-slimevet-Rovetools, right? So you can just ignore anything he says.

"I simply disagree with him, and would like to see him replaced with another, more intelligent and thoughtful patriot."

Hmmm, you do know that it has already been established that George Bush has a higher IQ than John Kerry, right? Or maybe you have some third party candidate in mind. I can tell you, when I hear "It's not my car, it's the family's", intelligence is not the first attribute that comes to mind.

First, he finds the idea of a Commander-in-Chief who had a choice to serve his country in active duty and did not repugnant"

That doesn't explain his woeful ignorance about Bush's service record; he was active duty when flying those jets.

Michele- a friend of mine pointed me to the Eminem song because her ex-fiance is essentially going through the same ordeal and she's voting for Kerry. What I'm amused at is the claims that they "vote for hope, not fear" when this entire campaign, the "anybody but bush" crap is nothing about "hope" and all about fear. The only "hope" they offer is hope that Bush will lose and nothing else.

mshyde - Your perspicacity dazzles. Of course you're absolutely right, I am a flaming communist. I mean, how could anyone in their right mind who isn't a communist see any difference between the interests of a factory worker and those of, say, the DuPont family? Excuse me while I go fondle my Little Red Book...

Next time ASV,

If you're gonna make sweeping generalities of indictment based on what we Lefties supposedly think, you might wanna bone up on creating links and supply some examples.

Otherwise, this supposed outrage - along the lines of Freeper madness over Whoopi's comments - over Curt Shilling's endorsement of Bush does not wash! Was I mad? Nope. Surprised? Hardly. But, will anticipate your spin on how we made him cancel his appearance with Bush.

As for Eminem, our blog postings raving about his video are motivated by purely partisan exploitive reasonings!! Your outrage stems mostly from the fact that the number one selling artist in America, just bitch-slapped your guy in an impressively creative and effective way.

And, before you call us hypocrites for ignoring his past evils, you also should dig thru some of our archives to find out that we never really gave a hoot.

He sorta looks like the emperor from Star Wars.

Hey fella,

That comment was full of sweeping generalities! How ironic!

Only an idiot (or an extreme partisan) could view Eminem's new video as anything but the rantings of an uneducated shrill. I watched it, only to find myself begging that it ended soon (because the tune itself was so awful.) "Bitch Slapped"? I don't think so. If such a video sways anyone, I shudder at the state of our nation.

thatcoloredfella says, "Your outrage stems mostly from the fact that the number one selling artist in America, just bitch-slapped your guy in an impressively creative and effective way."

Yes. "no blood for oil" was "impressively creative and effective". To a moonbat. Get a grip.

Carin and likwidshoe,

So, who are the elitists now?

That 'uneducated shrill' is a language spoken by his fan base, mostly young white males living in the gated communities of Red States. Some can vote, but who would influence their decision more? Eminem or the parents that hate the rap/hip-hop they listen to?

Besides, I'd take this group over a bunch of Bush moron who sit under a 100 degree sun, watching cars circle a track any day!

Come on guys, Eminem is a bandwagon jumper, just like most of these celebrities during election time. I am strongly left to believe that he is just following the crowd. I have been watching the way some of these celebrities have been behaving during this election, I am beginning to believe that the seriousness of voting is lost on them and just like the lastest fashion, this is just another bandwagon they can just on.

Is it to late to say I like the album nebraska, but don't agree with springsteens politics. I have followed schillings career since being the only bright spot in the phillies rotation, also I like his politics. Bon Jovi just blows, and em is great if you like that kind of music. So, come on Kenseth
go around again WOO HOO!!!!!