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camera challenge: 6-8

See camera challenge here. I decided to post them in pop-up images instead. Mbruce wanted Halloween decorations. This is one of the many lighted skulls lining the front yard shrubbery. (Shrubbery!) View image Trish wanted the contents of my fridge. I'm giving her the top shelf. See the mayonaise jar? It says "KEEP AWAY NATALIE. NO TUNA!" I'm sure you can figure out what led to that. View image Mike asked for my favorite CD, but I give you a whole row of them instead (though I will do that specifically for you, Mike, eventually). Not a very artistic shot, just showing you what's there. View image


Let's raid that fridge...

Crack that whip!

whip it good.

I do not understand the tuna reference, and perhaps it is better that I do not. What's up with that orange juice container's lid?

Ok, I'll explain. Natalie (the vegetarian) takes a tuna sandwich to school every day. But she has this horrible habit of using a fork to stir the mayo into the tuna and dipping it back into the mayo jar, thus getting tuna in the mayo. So we had to buy a separate jar of mayo for her and put a warning sign on ours.

The OJ container had an accident in the grocery store parking lot.

Vegetarian that eats both fish and eggs.

Hmmm... I posted something on our front page about Fregans the other day. God forbid our young people start picking that up.

Thank you,Michele.
"Hear that?That's my skull!!!"

I read ASV 3-7 times a week. I comment rarely. But that picture of your CD's reminded me why I come here. Not for the politics, but for the human element.

And that I saw so many CD's that I own in your picture convinced me that music makes better friends than almost anything else.

seeing your cds in alphabetical order makes me feel less like a freak for doing that to my dvds.

Thanks, Michele. ;)

Hmmmmmm...now why would the whipped cream be front and center? Last item used?

Rob0 - I thought all forms of media (cd's, dvd's, books, etc) naturally fell onto the shelves in alphabetical order by artist/author then chronological order.

ooops....last comment was for ac, not Rob0

Compulsive alphabetizers unite! CD's, DVD's, books... that's just the normal way to store them right?

And you can tell Nat that I do the same thing to the mayo. Of course I live alone and tuna is the only thing I use the mayo for so it's perfectly fine if I get tuna in it!

Quite pleased to see some Danzig in the collection. Where's Circle of Snakes?