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the choice is yours

On November 2nd, will you vote steak or will you vote tofu?


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beef wellington, baybee!

I lost it at Teddy Ruxbin

Ribeye medium rare please!

That was great. I can just hear GW asking what the heck a "metrosexulist" is.

voted yesterday, alongside the world's greatest husband. 2 sirloins please!

I can't help it, I bust out laughing every time W. flips off the camera. I LOVE that!

A nice big Democrat victory is going to be steak enough for me.

That was excellent.

Schilling is voting for steak...and the DUers are crucifying him for it.

Boycotts, wishes for injury etc. There is no longer any difference between them and FR.

Ha! I loved the flashing BUNNIES. Though I was also confused by Ruxbin. Can anyone explain that? Btw I was just watching Fox News and Shep was talking about John Kerry and the war on terror (aka WWIV) only I swear he almost said war on Teresa. Cracked me up.

Teddy Ruxpin was a "talking" teddy bear back in the 80's.

If the GOP can buy the rights, this is worth another 2-3% in the popular vote as a new commercial.

I was a little nervous about the last moment "bird" video's release, but this put it in context.

Hellbent for leather. Bwa ha ha.

a 2 inch thick porterhouse, medium rare!

that was funny

one meduim rare prime rib, and see what the boy's in camo want!!!!

That steak ain't fully cooked, folks. Some people obviously like it that way - I just see a likely case of food poisoning.
But tofu isn't exactly my favorite dish either - why the hell can't I vote for pepperoni pizza???

The steak might be a little tough around the edges, and it might not be the best cut, but it's a heck of a lot tastier than tofu.

Mmmm..... steak

Never mind cooking it, slap that steer on the rump and send it out from the kitchen....

I like my steak bloody RARE.

I watched it a couple of times, just to watch GW flip the bird at the camera and laugh...plus listen to Rawhide and remember my favorite Western of the late 50's. Eric Fleming made his sidekick Clint Eastwood look like a pretty boy. And Paul Brinegar lived with his family across the street from my best friend.

That theme will be looping in my alleged brain tonight!

head 'em up, move 'em out, head 'em up, move 'em out, head 'em out, move 'em up, RAWHIDE

thank you, Michele!

OMG the I-95 salute that Bush threw in at the end there was priceless. Damn, that middle finger might actually be the election-maker; there's actually a real person in there somewhere.

The middle finger video was released as an attack on Bush, but it makes me like him even more. I see I'm not alone on that either.

Get along little doggie
Yippie kiyay M------ F------

Bush/Cheney 2004
"Put the ass back in Mass."

That was hilarious. It's always such fun watching the satellite feeds before they're "live". Get to see all kinds of interesting things :)

Someone else who saw this mentioned this, but it bears repeating:
Remember whem Reagan was asked to check a microhone and he very casually said that he had ordered the first strike on Russia and that the bombs should begin landing in about 5 minutes??
It is always refreshing to know that there is someone that you know has a sense of humor looking out for you....

make mine steak: 311 Electoral College Votes For Kerry.

I wasn't aware reactionaries enjoyed tofu? you learn something new every day.

PS: can you keep us updated on Kurt Schilling's ginger swing steps as he backs away from Dear Leader's campaign? I guess all those KE Victory signs in today's parade made Schilling realize that Tofu/Cheney 04 was the wrong entree choice.

T-Bone or round wow take your choice i would take one any day and i dont want any jerks from PETA telling me what i can eat and that gose for those twits an PCRM and CSPI they are pesty health nuts sitting around inhaling wheatgerm