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Hell and fire was spawned to be released!

My revelations from this morning have been proved true!! Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised As they start to cry hands held to the sky In the night the fires burning bright The ritual has begun satanís work is done 666 the number of the beast Sacrifice is going on tonight I want whatever the people at WND are smoking


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Ummmm. Okaaaay.

That silly Kerry. He went to the Bush rally by accident.

World Net Daily and extremist paranoia: They go together like peanut butter and jelly...

There's nothing like a little breath of fresh air! Those people at WND must have a hook up. In related news, I too found something I'd like to share with you guys that has changed my life and made me a healthier person.

Good. Lord.

I guess I'll have to question the timing.......

The link at the bottom of the WND link goes to a Yahoo pic - there is a 6 on each side of Kerry and he is holding up 6 fingers.

Not only is he ushering in the Anti-Christ, he KNOWS it too.

But it's ok, later he will claim that he used to be a Catholic before he was excommunicated and thats when he became the conduit for evil. But it's not about evil, its all about nuance.

It serves you all right anyways, you all got ponies and I didn't.

Considering the fact that the number is interpreted '616' in the Latin Vulgate, I don't put too much emphasis on the whole '666' business. Six is the number of mankind. I wish more people who went to church actually took the time to look this stuff up.

"Considering the fact that the number is interpreted '616' in the Latin Vulgate..."

616 - The Neighbor of the Beast.

It's Beast-lite. Same great flavor, none of that brimstone aftertaste!

6×6x6 = 18
18/2 = 9
J-O-H-N-K-E-R-R-Y = 9 letters
we are all fuxorred.

([(6+6×6)-6]-6)/6 = 10
G-E-O-R-G-E-B-U-S-H = 10 letters
we are still.all.fuxorred

Just who has been running Kerry's campaign that they even printed those signs without anything of what they'd look like in a group shot?

Anyone can look at it, with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, and run with the Satin..er..Satan thing.

Now I've got that song in my head, I'll have to fire up the iTunes and look for it.

Get Thee behind me, Satin!!