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NBC and ABC: Go to Hell

Blood sucking, profiteering, exploitive, greedy leeches. I may elaborate later.


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Ha! Funny. Justified. Ditto.

I may also elaborate later. :-)

So who are they going to cast as President Al Gore, piloting a chopper with one hand while rescuing all 3,000 people with the other?

memo to Hollywood numbnuts: "The Day After" was actually a pretty lame hit piece aimed at Reagan; a variation/truncation of "seminal" may be more readily applied.

Of course, they'll probably change it so neo-Nazis fly the planes into the towers.

I was wondering how long it'd be until that happened.

Sick. Just plain sick. Time to level Hollywood and start over.

And they'll make Giuliani into Mark Green or something.

I'm surprised it took this long. All the dramatic elements are there: epic destruction, shady characters, big news events, heroism and sacrifice, et cetera. And deep, personal pain for millions of Americans. I doubt I'd watch them, but many would.

And CBS isn't doing it only because Matlock's got the next three tv movies scheduled already.


I watched Disney's "Tiger Cruise" and was in tears when the attack happened. I'm not ready to relive this yet.

Kinda makes you wonder what CBS is up to.

I hope they cast Ben Afleck in it ...

See how much he helped "Pearl Harbor"

This is the most vile thing I have ever heard. Glad I only watch Fox and Food Network.

Like Barry Goldwater Jr.'s coin scam, these 9/11 vultures should rot in hell. I'm only surprised it's taken this long--and that we didn't have a race off to the bottom among the networks.like they did with the multiple Amy Fisher-Joey Buttofuoco made-forTV shows.

While I understand everyone's visceral, emotional reaction to this news, and while I certainly have my reservations about CBS/NBC taking this on, this sort of thing was bound to happen.

It all rests on how the subject is handled. If it can be made with the reverence and respect of something like Band of Brothers or From the Earth to the Moon, then I can't say as I'd have a problem with it.

Dramatizing history does not, per se, make one a blood sucking leech, though given said network's track records, I understand such a reaction. It's all a matter of the honesty, integrity and respect you bring to the table.

Garrett you ignorant slut. Those movies were made decades after the actual events occured. Not 3 years later while wounds are still fresh.

Yes, this is very very vile. I can't believe anyone would use the Twin Towers for personal gain. Boycott these vampires.

Hey, has anyone seen the new BC04 ad, the one with the Twin Towers burning? Very effective, set to air on Sunday. Nothing vampiric about it in any way.

Ah yes, John, now I understand how it's impossible for this miniseries idea to be vile or vampiric as long as the President who was in office during the attacks uses images from said attacks in a reelection ad. The two are so, so very similar... especially when you completely and totally drop all context! Thanks for clearing it all up and making it all so easy!

"Garrett you ignorant slut. Those movies were made decades after the actual events occured. Not 3 years later while wounds are still fresh."

Didn't a bunch of WWII movies come out during the war?

No one seems to be mentioning the movie from a year or two ago that featured 9-11 and attempted to make a hero out of the boy king. Is that different, OK, better, or not relevant?

How about a little consistency people?