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object lesson: camera

Observe what happens when you try to take pictures of a lunar eclipse but a) you can't find your tripod and b) a combination of too much coffee and a shivering temperatures force your hands into a steady shake. The moon becomes [images in extended entry for you dial up users]:
[click all for bigger] A ghost a half eaten almond cookie a flying great pumpkin a fetus, sucking its thumb Oh, there were about 50 pictures like this. Looking at them was more fun than imagining castles in clouds. I even got the moon to look like J-Lo's ass with stick protruding from it. Update: Ok, so that pumpkin picture is pretty phallic if viewed in the right way.


Post that last one you mentioned :P

You've destroyed the moon. Oh, good one Michele. ;-)

it is comforting to know that i wasn't the only who did this too. yours look better though ;)

The great pumpkin one also kind of looks like a golden snitch from Harry Potter.

Cool pix.

So, was your pumpkin patch chosen as the most sincere? Or was the Great Pumpkin a little leery of landing next to your brand-new Hellgate?

Wow! Got any more phallic art?

I didn't bother taking photographs of the moon, so I took pictures of Edloe eclipsing a pair of shoes.

Yep, that's about what my moon shots looked like last night. And I had a tripod!

Cool - thanks for sharing. It was quite overcast here - not too much to see.