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In Which I Gloat About the Near-Dead

Faster, please. [How long before someone yells October Surprise! and mutters something about Karl Rove?] Update: When he buys the farm, I'll be celebrating by contributing to the Magen David Adom Matching Fund. From the comments, best use of (or paraphrase of) a quote this week: Smithers, dismember the corpse and send a ham to his widow.


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A painful end for an evil man. Sounds about right.

I fervently pray that the murdering scumbag terrorist is dead by the time I post this. And I hope that he suffered with excruciating pain.

I'm gonna miss that crazy lug.

My cats are already dreaming of the caviar I will give them.

couldn't have happened to a nicer fella... y'know he won a noble peace prize.

How long before Mr. Bill or Kerry wish him a speedy recovery?

Money plays... Money plays...

I'm seriously contemplating starting a pool on my blog on when we'll see the first rumor circulating that the Israelis are behind it somehow. Bonus points is you can guess how the rumor will say they did it.

Not enough flu vaccine in the compound? Of course it's Karl Rove's fault!

Ding-ding-ding-ding! Am I a winner?


I would think the rumors are already being whispered that the Zionist Entity (they never say "Israel") has poisoned Arafat.

Like it could work on that already poisonous Egyption terrorist.

I hope Arafat's body is stolen, ground into bits along with a couple of fatted pigs, and scattered at sea.

somebody has sent him a nice get-well card.

get well Arafat


May I suggest more leeches, and bloodletting.

Also perhaps a mercury-tea mix to open up the sinuses.

If that fails maybe a hammer against the temple to release the evil spirits.

Oh I'm not a doctor.

Gawd, you people are horrible! (LOL)

CNN accuracy again. It's Suha Arafat, not Sufa. And given Arafat's preferences for young boys, I'd suspect she had as much carnal knowledge of Yasser as the woman who claims to have borne the Jacko-children.

grrr forgot to put target="blank"....oh well

his appointment to burn in hell just can't come fast enough for me

Now, the real question is: Who does the US send to the funeral?

Option 1: Nobody.

Option 2: Jimmy Carter

or is that redundant?

I say send Jimmy Carter, then make them keep him.

Yeah, let's send Jimmy Carter, and offer to let Carter be the next head of the Palestinian Authority. There's effectiveness for you!

How long before someone blames this on Karl Rove?

BTW - live blogging the Red Sox victory

Who's your daddy?

Smithers, dismember the corpse and send a ham to his widow.

Die, die my darling.

Visit DU for all your October surprise/Rove needs. It's not as bad as I expected, but the moonbats are there.

Hey. The Red Sox won the Series. Perhaps today is a day of miracles after all.

With any luck, Sharon will step in front of a bus while he's perusing the obit and we'll get this peace process moving for real, finally.


Haven't enough Israeli buses been damaged already?

Shut the fuck up, Donny!!

Not harsh enough, Laurence. May anon join Yasser... real soon.

Sorry, Larry...if you and this Donny know each other you should work out a secret handshake or something. Cuz, well, I ain't him.

In the meantime, Ariel Sharon, Man of Peace™?

Keep telling yourselves that folks. The world will reap more of the same.

Reinhold Niebuhr once wrote "A too confident sense of justice always leads to injustice."

The whole world should be reading that sentence while they brush their teeth each morning.

Donny you are out of your element!


A secondary amusement here is that it it makes John Kerry's "Dick Cheney's stealing a flu shot from an impoverished pregnant orphan widow, just so he can steal more OOOILLL!!!!" demogoguery look even more ridiculous than it did.

I mean, here's the flu maybe taking out a terrorist scumbag, er, "renowned Nobel Prize-winning head of state," while the Democrats are implying that our own government officials in the at-risk categories should just suck it up and take their influenza as if they were war heroes with magic hats....

As I saw on another blog, I hope he dies on the 31st, sometime around 9:00PM while people are handing out the candy.

Mythilt, you just made me laugh my head off. Now THAT would be irony.

Why is that funny and ironic. not trying to diss, just don't get the humor.

TIA for a reply to my post

He leaves his compound for the first time in years and where does he go? FRANCE! groan