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camera challenge:4-5

[click images for larger size]. See here for reference. Cooper asked for photos of what makes where I live home. I took this photo (I'll take more on this subject, as it's open to a lot of interpretation) with that in mind. This is the small Episcopal church a few blocks from my house. When I'm driving home from work, I eventually hit that place on Hempstead Turnpike where I can turn off and soar down the side streets all the way home, avoiding more than a few traffic lights and a lot of bad drivers. When I turn down Fifth Street, I always look for the steeple in the sky. It's a marker of sorts, one that at the same time signals I'm almost home and reminds me of a long ago life in which I lived on Fifth Street.

This next one is for Keiran, who asked for someone or something hopelessly out of place. I think this pirate (my nephew) certainly fits the bill. He's in the yard of the church pictured above. Do pirates go to church? I doubt it. Check out the seriousness on his face. When he's Jack Sparrow, he's really Jack Sparrow.

Ask him what his name is and he'll point his finger at you and say "Jack. Jack Sparrow. Savvy?"


Ready to sack and pillage, no doubt. He looks quite the black-hearted scalawag. I love it!

Good pic of your nephew. The fact that he uses the term 'savvy' makes it all the better.

I love landmarks like that.

And that kid is entirely too cute!

Hey, if I'm not mistaken, a good friend of mine got married in that church! It sure looks like the place from what I can see of it. But considering how many brain cells I wantonly destroyed at the reception, I could definitely be wrong.

That's what I mean. Anchors, those things that when seen, you know you're there.

Thanks, Michele.

And I know in later years he'll hate this statement: What a cute pirate! :-)