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camera challenge?

I haven't yet looked to see if this photo I took as I was driving last night would fit any of the camera challenge suggestions, but I thought that it seemed, in some way, an appropriate way to start the day. [click for bigger]


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A horse's patoot. Or as we all will say on Nov. 3rd, regardless of political leaning, "Good Morning, Mr. President."

That can't be right. Surely Oliver Willis doesn't get that much tail.

wow, and I thought I had taken som shitty roadtrips. Looks like being a horse sucks.

Future glue.

It would be worse if there were two of them in there:

"Mom, Flash is touching me!"
"Am not!"
"Stay on your side of the trailer!"

This would be better with a Kerry/Edwards sticker on the tailgate.......

Must be a liberal. Not just a horse's patoot, but on the left side of the trailer.

Bill at INDC had a picture of one of these, I think he called it Lou Dobbs.

Nah, it's a candid photo of the Kerry campaign bus!