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I am suffering from Hyper-Cerebral Blogosis. Explains the recent feistiness, eh? Look for this some time in the next six days: explodehead.jpg Laurence, that's a mighty big cleanup in aisle F7 you'll be doing when I go all asplodey. Sure, I could have gone with the cheap Scanners reference, but I liked this one better.


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I thought that asplode was a Homestar Runner/Strong Bad reference.

Yes, it is. The Scanners reference refers to the visual of the exploding head.

Ah. Ok.

Maybe I should just sweep that comment clean so I don't look like a f-ing idiot.

It could be worse Michele. Well, I don't know. You get tired of the comment and trackback spammers and the asshats and the well, everything that is usually horrible about blogs.

Me? I got nothin'. I actually kind of look forward to comment spam on my site because at least someone took the time to do it.

Different world, different problem. But I always appreciate your site and what you do. I've only been a serious reader for the last two weeks or so but I already want to buy an ad here once I can collect the measly pocket change. Keep up the good, the bad and the feisty.

How come you always have just the right pix.

Hey Red Sox are up in game three!
Um..... sorry.


Damn, girlfriend ... I'm due in court tomorrow morning because of deadbeat ex-husband. That picture offers me some vicarious thoughts of revenge. Keeping that happy picture uppermost in my mind will allow me not to be jailed later in the day if I happen to get into my car first while ex is wandering across the parking lot.

Darleen you strike me as the type of woman who would laugh a little as she did it.

Having known too many horrible ex-husbands in my life, my natural father being a prime example, I can't say I blame you.


Make that "laugh a lot" and you have me pegged.


Had my officemates in stitches this afternoon describing the scene

BUMP BUMP...What? Something wrong with my car? Let me put this thing in reverse and .. BUMP BUMP... Now, hell, there's that noise again! Hmm.. let's try one more time in first .. BUMP BUMP... ::sigh:: guess I gotta just drive to my mechanic's and get this thing checked out....

Head asplodin?

Then wrap your head in duct tape, in style:


I think we're all on edge and will be until this election is decided.One point of added addleness is the fear that it won't be done on Tuesday.We can thank the Kerry campaign for that.

New York (AP) Scientists have noted some unusual seismic activity near the summit of Mount St. Michele and believe an eruption may be imminent. Local residents have been asked to evacuate or risk facing a molten shower of fire, brimstone, and not-very-nice language. Let's check the live webcam ...

Asplodey. May I use that?

This is a great picture.

Excellent animation.