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another night, another lesson

Am I going to have to do this every night? Ok, here's tonight's blogging lesson: Just because I post about A doesn't mean I don't care about B. Here's a revelation: You are not the only people in my life. I did in fact discuss the whole missing explosives situation today, but just not with you. My boss, my neighbor and my husband all heard exactly how I feel about the situation. Too bad you couldn't be there. Now, to recap: * You only get to read about .000004 of my thoughts during the course of the day. * The rest of my thoughts are none of your damn business unless I make them your business. Class dismissed. (see also, It Takes Balls)


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I place my fingers against the side of your face, and concentrate...

"Give me the rest of your thoughts"!

I shant say anything this time!

Such are the burdens of being an oft-quoted and much loved commentator. Your name (well, you're blog's name anyway) is everywhere. You've become an Authority.

Our business? What, are the other readers making money off of this?

I just come here for fun to see what you've got to say. Crikey, ifda I'd only known there was money in it.

Instead of a FAQ, you need a FAQTGASTFUDR.

Oh yeah, I just remembered another catch phrase.

Walter Sobchak:

"Calmer 'n you are."

Does this lesson include me still not getting a pony like the last one?


Man, I feel like I'm missing so much. I think we deserve at least .0000041 of your thoughts at least. Come on, it's only about 15000000% more than I pay for.

I know, this wasn't meant for the many who are appreciative of the work you do, you don't have to keep repeating to those of us who understand.

This post does remind me, however, that it's been a while since I just said "Thank You." Thank you for entertaining us with your thoughts.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Again, I offer a phrase that helps put those kinds of people in perspective:

"Don't like what I choose to post about? Go fuck yourself."

See how multi-functional that damn phrase is?

Just because you can't express yourself and communicate your feelings to us is certainly not our fault! ;~) philtr


Yay! The rest of us get ponies!

Michelle, you're much too nice. When I have a poster I get frustrated with, I try my best to shove an axehandle up his nose. How frustrated I am determines how far up I shove it. One particularly obnoxious writer not only got his post deleted, he was wearing the axe blade as a nose ornament.

[taps fingers on desk]

So where's my pony? I was told you were handing them out.

Seriously, what are you trying to say?

LOL....I'm drunk, sorry.

So you're saying it's not all about me?


shut the fuck up donny.

I blame George W. Bush

Amen. I'd add:

1. Get your own damn blog, and blog about nothing but missing explosives.

2. If there's another blogger out there blogging an issue in a way I agree with, why should I try to imitate that when there are other subjects on which I have something interesting to say? Blogs aren't newspapers, they are more like newspaper columnists. Nobody gets upset at the Daily News if Mike Lupica decides not to write about Abu Ghraib.

Michele, these bitch-slap posts are so great. Very validating to read, actually. You tell 'em!! I get emails from my own readers who wonder why I only post about movies I love, and books I love. They want to know my thoughts on foreign policy, and the election. I should just redirect them to your posts.

I do talk about foreign policy and the election. Only it's usually over brews at the local pub. "Too bad you weren't there."

It's my dern blog and I feel like posting about movies all the live-long day. What the hell is WRONG with people??

And this reminds me - like another commenter said above - it's been a while since I've just said to you: "Thank you. Thank you for your blog. Love love love it. Thank you."

Hot diggity

runs off to pick out a pony

I gotta echo red and a different Bill ... thanks, michele. Just "thanks." Thanks for your honesty, for your life-stories, for zombies (even though I couldn't watch a zombie movie if my life depended on it), for DJ and Nat, for making me laugh and think and cry sometimes, and for saying on my behalf so much of what I believe (tho you don't know me from Eve). And thanks for posts like these, when the sharpness of your wit is only surpassed by the bluntness of your speech. You get ON with your bad self, girlfriend. :)

I question the timing of this post.

Oh, and where do I get my pony?