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while i remain suspiciously quiet

Matt has done a stupendous job with the 69th version of the Carninval of the Vanities. And he didn't even go for the cheap and easy 69 jokes. 42. Update: By the way, continuing with my pissy attitude of last night, I hate when people use the comments to snarkily point out typographical/spelling errors in a post. An email would be much more appreciated. I mean, would you want someone to quietly approach you and whisper in your ear that you have spinach in your teeth or would you prefer they stand up on the table and scream it out to the whole room? Yea, I'm talking to you, Mr. SharpMarble. You're lucky I like you.



No one was more shocked about the lack of sex jokes than my wife.

Michele, don't get all pissy because someone stood on the table and pointed out you had spinach in your teeth, just pick it out and flick it at 'em. It's just damn spinach and it happens everyonce in a while, it's not like a terrible deal or anything when someone gets spinach stuck in their maw. It's like when people trip up the stairs; you point, you laugh, and you hope no one sees it when it happens to you. You've been complaining a lot lately and it's unlike you to be whiny.

Oh, make me look like an ass why don't you?


Who IS Donny, and whom is he in a 69 with anyway...?


You've been complaining a lot lately and it's unlike you to be whiny.

Shut the fuck up, Donny.

I prefer just to fix your spelling errors and let you know via e-mail afterwards.

I think of myself as the bird that picks things out of a crocodile's teeth.

Yeah,well that's what they get when they fuck a stranger in the ass.


42 - That's both Michele's age AND the answer to the universe.

I'll just put that one in my notebook of "Really Stupid Shit You Probably Should Avoid Doing From Now On".

It's a reeeeealy thick notebook, btw.

You misspelt snarkilee...