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camera challenge: 1-3

My first few shots for the camera challenge. I'll try to get to them all by the end of the week and then I'll stuff them all in the gallery. Still taking suggestion. For those who wanted fall foliage (I'll probably do more of these, I can't resist taking pictures of foliage). These were all taken through my car window as I was driving (or stopped at a traffic light), so they're not great shots, technical-wise, but they serve the purpose. And for John, who wanted a picture depicting the fragility of life: Click for larger images.



I just made the red tree my desktop.


Good eye. Pics are framed nicely.


Almost... almost displaced my desktop wallpaper.

It's a hard thing to do, considering how cute Mog's cats are.

The red one is breathtaking! I think the only thing I miss by living in the city is foilage. Gotta get out there soon before it's all gone!!!

Very well done -- ever since I suggested the fragility of life I've been thinking how I would handle it. Much better than any of my ideas. thanks

I simply adore fall foliage pictures. I'm not sure if it's possible to take a bad one! Yours, of course, are lovely and make me want to go out and take more of my own. :)

Yeah! Foliage! Autumn doesn't come in time for Halloween down here and that's one of the three or four things I miss. Thank you for sharing. You rock!