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it takes balls

I've had it. The next person to use my comments to pimp their own off-topic bullshit will be banned forever from this site. And if I have any luck with summoning the gods of karma, your computer will blow up. I've also reached my limit with people pinging me with trackbacks and when I go look at the post they wrote, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the post they trackbacked me on. You want my attention? Send an email. Don't insert your URL on my site as if I'm your freaking pimp. And please don't cry to me if you send me an email with a link and I don't use it. If I posted every link that someone sent my way in a day, this place would look like a blogosphere version of Fark. And you know what? Sometimes the link you send sucks. Get over it. ASV is not a freaking yard sale for links. I'm sure when Glenn doesn't respond to your email or doesn't post your link, you don't send him emails in which you play the part of a whiny little kid who didn't get the pony he wanted for his birthday I think I've been pretty good about spreading my traffic around. I do what I can, when I can. My traffic is not stratospheric, but it's good and I make it a point to share the wealth. But apparently that's not enough for some people, who think that if I don't post the tenth link they sent me in a week, I'm the grinch who stole their fucking Christmas. When did it come into being that I owe you something, that I am obligated to do whatever you tell me to? Sorry for the bluntness, but a few people got on my last nerve tonight. I'm not talking to all of you, of course. Most of you send me fine links and do it in a fashion that tells me you have manners. Not everyone is like that and those people that are go on my SUCK list for today. Somebody get me a beer, please so I can at least be drinking while I watch the flaming ensue. Honestly, I don't care. Blogging status means less and less to me as the days go on. It's all turned into a contest between pirahnas and sharks and I'd rather be an observer in that fight than a participant because it's just not worth it to have my head bitten off, chewed up and spit out in the fight for king of the fishtank. I probably just bit my own head off with this post, anyhow. [Oh, and you can bet this entry will be deleted later. And you will NOT send me an email asking why. Shut the fuck up, Donny.]


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Hell, I'm jealous. I can't get enough people to leave comments on my site.

Honestly though, I don't read your comments that often. I mean, I come here for Michele, not HornyBoy69. My RSS reader only gets the post and I have to click into the comments if I want to read them. You're usually interesting enough as it is.

I just come to bask in your superior storytelling and ranting skills,so I just smile every day that you are still up and running.Thanks(your tune selections are great,too)

Right on. Over at the Moore-related site (see how he deftly avoids pimping!) I get about a hundred a day, and 20 or so are complaints about what I link, how I link, that I didn't link, etc.

I have a phrase that comes in handly at times like that:

"Go fuck yourself."

I like the trolls that leave a peevish email after you delete their stupid troll droppings, saying "Where is my post?"
In the cybersewer, pal, where it should have gone in the first place.

Sometimes, I think the site is better when you're bitter like this. :-D

Whaddya want, a freakin' hallmark card?

'Smoothifier' is a pretty good term for the thingamabob in the Guinness Can.

There's link to the All Things Guinness site in the URL thing with which I have no affiliation.

I shall be very disappointed if you delete this post. Needs to be said, needs to be taken to heart. IT'S A FUCKING HOBBY, PEOPLE. It does not confer status, wealth, wisdom or hot chicks. GTFOY.

Bumpersticker, I have no freaking clue why you posted that here, but it is actually something I've wanted to know. So your safe for today. And how did you know I was drinking Guinness?

OK,now I have to leave the house again and go buy some Guiness.and "a half a pint of Bushmills"(nothing get's you high when you're hungry for love)

Geez Michele,

You know I sent you 20 bucks just for beer purposes a few weeks ago... I can't support your Guiness habit on a weekly basis!

Wish I had a blog so I could complain about the non-linkage.

Beer? What happened to the hard liquor drinking woman we all fell in love with?

Ditto on some of the sentiments above. I think this may even be the first time I've ever used the comments feature on this site, because I come here to read your delightful ranting and to yell "Exactly!" at my computer screen when I read something that particularly resonates, not for anything else. I've never understood, in all the years I've used the net, the attitude some people have towards the websites they visit - as though those who run them for their own enjoyment owe the general public something. I know this has been covered here before so I'll stop my ranting here now; I guess I just felt like I couldn't keep silent anymore. You're doing a great job, and anyone who hassles you needs to find more important things to worry about. I'm glad you're still blogging and I hope you won't let the bad apples spoil it for you.

I can't get a rude email even when I'm asking for it.

When I used to blog regularly I only got one email suggesting a link.

and I wouldn't compare your site to Glenns for too many reasons to name here.

I think your too nice of a person to let it get to you, shouldn't give them the satisfaction.

Jesus, you're hot when you're pissed off.

Happiest day of my blogging life...removing the trackback and comment forms from the main page, replacing 'em merely with a mail-form instead that only I see... No spam to weed through, and MT Blacklist to constantly update. No "link me please" begging. No "am I the first comment" BS. Of course, it helps that I morphed my old blog into a photoblog at about the same time dropping traffic by literally about 1/8 daily of the old totals. But damn, I don't miss the sh!t you've dealt with today! (And I didn't even leave my URL here b/c you know who I am...)


But...if someone doesn't jump on YardSaleForLinks.com then I will!

As Seki says...pin this fucker to the top of this page for all time.

Michele, there's nothing in this post that IN ANY WAY warrants deletion. What would be the point of having a frigging blog if it just turned out to be another instance where one is forced to put up with bullshit from idiots and assholes in deference to economic or political expediency?

There are no small number of us who love you precisely because you're not gonna put up with nonsense from a bunch of dipshits. You're never more beautiful than when kicking ass and taking names. ;-)


Not in the face! NOT IN THE FACE!!!

No, really, how do you feel?

Your comments logo is wicked-ass cool. Been meaning to say that. Did you do it yourself?

If this post disappears the kitten gets it... You wouldn't want that on you conscious, would you?

I'm sorry, I lost track after "panties".

Smile, grumpy wumpy. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene...

Michele, I so want to be on your good side for ever and ever.

Should I mail cookies? Guiness ice cream? A stick to beat the whiners with?

OK,back from the store with supplies,and I want to thank you and the comment gallery for reminding me that I have never seen "The Big Lebowski",so I picked up a copy and am about to view it for the first time.Cheers!Sweet dreams to you all

::Shakes fist in the air:: YOU OWE ME!! Link me, email me, let me spam your comments! I clamor for a slice of the market segment to which you cater!

Ready for that dance yet?

"ASV is not a freaking yard sale for links"

that line made me laugh out loud, sitting right here in my office.

And then I thought: considering the yard sales I've seen where I live, THANK GOD ASV isn't. 'Cause I don't want the link-equivalents of half-broken Happy Meal toys, upholstered furniture with mystery stains, polyester blouses from 1978, and warped Tupperware.

Keep fighting the good fight. (And actually, some of your most entertaining posts are when you're pissed about something).

Don't let the turkeys get you down.

A pony?

I was supposed to get a pony?

Vote Quimby '04

(required political spam comment)

I'll still buy you a beer the drink of your choice when I can finally afford to visit.

Go fuck yourself, Michele.

What's your damage today, Brad?

Wow, proof positive that the grass isn't always greener on the other side (of blog success). When you're hoping for comments just to know that someone is reading (and hopefully appreciating), you don't think too much about when you get people clamoring for your blog attention. Thanks for the reality check.

There's the Brad we all know and love...

"IT'S A FUCKING HOBBY, PEOPLE. It does not confer status, wealth, wisdom or hot chicks. GTFOY." - Sekimori

It doesn't? (00) Damn you seki - why do you always have to dash my infantile hopes on the hard rocks of reality? ;)

I nominate michele for the part of Pesci in the remake of Goodfellas of which Hollywood, and it's current lack of imagination, is sure to be working on soon.