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You know what I hate about RSS feeds? When I post something and then decide to either delete it for my own reasons or put it on draft to fix it up and save it for later, it still shows up in some feeds and then I get emails asking where the post is and what did I do with it, as if I just kidnapped their little brother.


Yeah! Give us back that post! It's not like it belongs to you or anything!

Seriously, though, we're not going to do the eviscerating bad-lyrics thing? I thought it was fun...

I hate that about feeds, too, because I'm constantly tinkering with my posts.

Just thought I'd share.

You may resume your normal lives now.

I usually read you here and not in my RSS reader, but just 'cuz you said something I had to go look at my reader and find out what the post you took down was! (how's that for a run-on sentence?)

Now, on to the berating you for taking down something on your own blog...

You should delete this post.

BTW, Michele, where IS my little brother?

That irks me too, Michele.

I've just started using Atom on my site, even though I have no clue as to the difference with RSS. Maybe that fixes it...or not. No idea.

I know a guy once who subscribed to an old RSS feed and BAM! - two weeks later, herpes.

(Sorry, been watching a bit too much Family Guy lately...)

I never had a little brother.

NOW I know why.

I think my brother would pay you to kidnap his little brother at this point.

I'll pay you double what he'd pay you to kidnap his little brother.

No, triple.