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camera challenge

So I have this lovely $700 digital camera (I imagine the price has gone down a bit since I purchased mine) that I'm using mostly to take way too many shots of my nephew (both my kids tend to run from the camera). I try to take some artsy shots but, much like my forays into Legos(r) and Play-Doh(r), I have the will and the equipment, but my grand ideas seem to fall flat. Or get hair in them. There are few things in this world that freak me out more than hair in play-doh. Anyhow, I had this idea. Well, it was actually his idea, which he glommed off of someone else. Is glom really a word? Hey, it is! Here's how Mike did it: bq. Think of 3 pictures you’d like to see. Leave whatever you’d like to see in the comments. Things around my house, or whatever… something I can take a picture of easily. Once I have enough requests, I’ll start posting them. If I can’t, or won’t, take a picture of something you’ve requested, I’ll let you know. That's a good start, but I'd like to open it up a bit. While I'm sure there are some folks out there who are just dying to know what my desk looks like - and I will entertain those requests - I'd also like some challenges. I think I'm pretty good with the camera (see, here), so send me out on a mission that can get my camera creativity going again. It can be anything from "take a picture of something blue" to errr..whatever your inclination may be. There are somet things I'll draw the line at, and I think you can figure that out. There will be no nekkie Michele pictures. Ever. So take a combination of Mike's meme above and what I just wrote and give it your best shot, so I can give you my best shots and start making good use of the camera (and my amatuer photographer's eye) again. Use the comments to post your requests, challenges and whatnot. Whatnot is a really good word, isn't it? Right up there with glom. Hey, if you have a digital camera, join the fun. Update: I humbly request that you give me until the end of the week to take all the pictures. I'll put them up in the gallery when I'm done.


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A simple request, really. I miss the change of the seasons out here in the dusty desert of So. Cal. I used to live on LI when I was little and I still remember the pretty colors around Halloween. So, here it is: take a pic that calls to mind Fall in NY. Dying lawns? Murky skies through the changing foliage? Close up of a fallen leaf? Your call, Michele.

I'm not good with these lists (and my ideas for photos are usually dorky), but...

1. Something autumnish (pumpkins,leaves, whatever)
2. The condiment shelves in your fridge.
3. Something in your neighborhood that makes you feel hopeful.

I'd like to sugges close-ups of happy cats and dogs, distant shots of crowded playgrounds, and lots of color; fall foliage, or out-of-focus shots of commerical signs and full parkinig lots.

The ocean? I miss the ocean. Even when it's gray and angry in October.

Just remember, though, there is no art without nekkie. Those Quent Cordair people told me.

1) A tree, but you have to be standing within 20 feet of it - zoom is optional.

2) A large group of people that are disoranized (such as a street scene that is not for a particluar function - people walking down a sidewalk). There should be more than 50 people in the shot.

3) An animal that is not tame nor in captivity. A squirrle, a bird whatever - cats and dogs, no and nothing at the zoo - unless like the bears get out of their cage then they aren't in captivity anymore which makes them fair game.

Pretty easy shots to obtain, but the challenge is that you need to make them creative.

A self portrait.

1. A pattern in the ceiling that resembles something.
2. Something that has been rained on that normally would not be rained on.
3. The back of a signpost.

1. Where you eat breakfast.

2. Where you write this stuff.

3. Where you wish you spent more time.

I'm a 'where' kind of guy. And I'm also feeling very James Lipton-esque. Scrumtrilescent even.

1) Something very tiny and detailed (using macro).

2) A shadow of something.

3) An inanimate object in mid air using fast shutter (bonus points)

Close-ups of textures around your house. 1 smooth, 1 metallic, 1 sandy, 1 coarse.

try to capture different emotions using only inanimate objects around your house or in your neighborhood (like sadness, happiness, melancholy, nostalgia, anger). Do one series of closeups and one of medium-range shots that cover the same emotions.

1: a lawn gnome
2: the back of your kids heads
3: your collection of games, any kind

It's chessy, but I always like to get a personal looks at cities I've never been to. Sooooo, show me your township!

1. A portrait that shows how you wish us to think of you

2. A portrait that shows what you think of yourself

3. The fragility of life

thanks, I rarely comment, but really enjoy your site

A pic of your son with his best guitar hero face.

How about:

1. objects or places that represents your past, present, and future

I guess that can count as three. If not, then add:

2. A shot that shows what it is that you see first thing in the morning when you open your eyes.

3. In the interests of friendship, I'll refrain from asking for a shot of the contents of your bedside drawer (just finished watching an episode of Sex and the City that featured that) - but an example of Secret Single Behavior would be interesting....because we all have SSB's that we don't give up just because we're not single anymore - we just are more careful about the timing.

An addendum to a prior suggestion: to heck with the condiment shelf, how about the contents of the fridge? And no wiping up the spilled sticky stuff first, either.

'Glom' is a great word. And 'whatnot' ranks up there with 'whozit', which I sometimes interchange with 'whozeydo' ("Remember what's-his-face, that guy? Whozit, the one at the store? You know, the clerk guy, whozeydo...Bob. Yeah, him.)

What can I say? My brain processes just aren't what they used to be.

1. Your computer desk
2. Pic of your bookshelf with book titles visible

Your bathtub drain.

your dainties drawer,as is,no rearranging allowed.
(hey,at least I didn't go for the gratuitous cleavage shot)

your Halloween decorations

Totally OT, Michele

But #1 daughter, Jennifer, saw The Grudge on Friday. She loves horror films and gives this an enthusiastic thumbs up. Says it was even scarier than The Ring.

I'm going to try and see it soon. here's a spooky interactive flash from Sony Pictures. Little slow, too much trying for atmosphere, but sound effects and music are a nice touch.

these may take a while; so, no time limits.

1. take a picture of your sink, and tell a story about it.
2. use a multiple exposure to show that the moon near the horizon is the same size as the moon away from it.
3. show the drama of the end of a race (horse, pinewood derby, nascar, whatever) just as the winner crosses the line.

Natalie saw it Saturday night and declared it the Funniest. Movie. Ever.


Kewl. Now I really want to see it and see what conclusion I'll draw.

Disclaimer: I love spooky stories, but not slasher ones. Strange I realize, but I'd rather see The Exorcist or Wait Until Dark than Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But that's just me. ;-)

Review later!

1. Your sock drawer.
2. Your favorite CD.
3. A collection of anything.

OT movie thang,just rented the "Clerks X" edition.The doc of "The Snowball EfFect"was so cool I wantt to watch it 37 times.

In a row

1. Take a picture of your favorite whatnot.
2. Take a picture of your dream car, finding the dream color as well would be a plus.
3. Take a picture of the building in your town that you think is the best looking.

Choose an activity or action (not necessarily one of yours).

1). The preparation
2). The act
3). The aftermath

You in something red sox and something Yankees at the same time.

A picture of you hitting a bottle of tequila (pun or no pun).

A picture of you playing your favorite video game (or just your favorite video game)

The spirit of your office.
The sprit of Clerks.
Grandma's house (you know which one!).

1. The scariest human being (without costume) you see this week.

2. Someone or something hopelessly out of place.

3. Something (inanimate object) you think is worth much more than its intrinsic value.

Pics of what makes where you live home.
Say a pic of your favorite bakery
a pic of your favorite bookstore
and a pic of your choice of other 'homey' spot

But not just flat pics of the places. pics of why they are home - the people, the food, the building etc.

Your favorite pair of shoes.
Your favorite family photograph.
Your favorite Halloween candy.

Forget about all that other stuff. Show us some legs!

I'm sorry, I didn't read the comments to see if this has already been posted:


I'd love to see your favorite childhood possession. :)