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something else to make you seethe

Found on eBay (via Fark) I've saved the image of the sticker in case eBay grows some balls and takes it down. here Auction description: bq. This is for the hardcore Kerry/Edwards supporters! This sleek black & white bumper sticker will get your point across to all those mis-understandings of Bush supporters No matter what you believe or who you want as president, using our troops in this way is simply reprehensible. If I ever saw a car with this bumper stick affixed to it, I would probably react in a way that would result in the need of bail money.


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I'm not a conservative, Republican, or a truly a Bush fan, but this is ridiculously insulting, reprehensible, and once again proves why people are unable to maintain some level of civility with each other, especially in political discourse. Hopefully I don't come across it anywhere, either.

'chele, you gotta be kidding me.
"How low can you go?" now is a conversation among ants.
In the the next ten days every, and I mean EVERY, piece of shit is gonna get wheeled out.
The question is what CBS, NBC, and CNN will latch onto.

Sickening. This kind of thing is becoming mainstream for the Democrats. Knowing how out-of-touch the Dems are with reality, I honestly felt ill when I saw a sweet-looking old man in a fishing hat leaning forward over his steering wheel... a "Veterans for Kerry" bumper sticker in his back window.

Come on, Gramps! Roosevelt is dead!

I really don't think we can pin this one on regular Democrats. I'd say this comes from the moonbat population.

As a "regular" Democrat, this is disgusting. It's one person's opinion and one that's just out to make money at that. Any attempt to ascribe that sentiment to a larger population is silly.

It's getting reeeeeeaal hard to tell the difference.

Maybe the bumpersticker is more "moonbat" than many Dems... but not by much. Michelle Malkin has a post and roundup of MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's shrieking, screaming, full-Monty Dem meltdown, plus some recent quotes from O'Donnell about the troops including
Look, it's not our job to lie about war to make troops feel good. ...

I don't care what they feel about the truth of this war. If John Kerry thinks this war is a mistake and if the United States of America elects him president, the troops are going to have to live with that. And they know better than anyone else whether it was a mistake or not. ...

I don't care if they're demoralized.And I don't care what they feel. ...

The bumpersticker is of the same mindset as these lovely 'citizens'

Darleen said:

Maybe the bumpersticker is more "moonbat" than many Dems... but not by much.

I agree.

Certainly the Democrats' love of Michael Moore (including placing him next to Carter at the convention) indicates this. Here's the text of one fake pro-Bush ad Moore came up with, which you can watch at the Daily Recycler:

To send young men to their deaths requires courage, strength, vision. George Bush has sent over 1,000 young men to their graves. How many Americans has John Kerry killed? NONE. Because he's too sensitive to be president. Vote Bush.

Like I said, this kind of thing is becoming mainstream for Democrats. Fast.

(Daily Recycler also has the video of Lawrence O'Donnell that Darleen mentioned. He kept screaming "LIAR!" at John O'Neill so he couldn't get his message across to the viewers. Oh, those libs are such fans of free speech!)

I know your PayPal number and I'd gladly contribute to that bail.

That is sick isn't it?

That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. That anyone would think that it's somehow acceptable? That just makes me incredibly sad.

Example of that noted elite intellectual class of hate speech writers.

what a buncha babies you wingnuts are. like it or not, if bush hadn't gone to iraq, 1,000 troops would be alive. escape from the cult of personality surrounding dear leader and open your eyes.

I was going to put a Badnarik sticker on my car (with tape, so I could take it off after the election; my last car had way too many stickers on it) but when it came, the ink was all messed up. So I'm still thinking the best sticker would be to get an "Anyone but Bush", and over the "Bush" part, put a "Kerry/Edwards" sticker.

Okay, I think it's a good sticker.