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saturday morning radio: a kick in the gut

You know that one song that makes you feel all wistful and melancholy, like the spirit of every sad event in your life has just punched a hole in your gut? The songs themselves don't remind me of anything in particular. It's just a combination of the music, the words and the angst in the singer's voice that make me want to burst into tears for no reason at all. There's a whole bunch of them in the radio today. Enjoy. [Oh, I've signed on to be a "robot" at tinymixtapes, which means I'll be putting together playlists by request over there. The requests are somewhat whimsical, as they're just title suggestions (such as: it's another boring breakdancing friday, but here comes two-tone tommy with a new record that's going to put a brand new zip into your adidas . I'll share with you as I go along, if you so desire.]


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And alas you picked my favorite Nick Cave number. Creepy, sleepy and down right disturbing. But then again, everything off Murder Ballads is like that.

Also it's very hard to find anyone else who likes Portishead. I first fell in love with them from, of all places, the Tank Girl soundtrack. That's a very unique playlist in and of itself. I might just post it on my blog radio this weekend.

Um, WTF?

I deleted the offending comment, Gabe.

I hate comment spammers. HATE them.

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