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friday fun: i can name that song in two words

Eleven days before the election and I just want to write about anything but the election. I just want it to be over already and writing about it isn't going to make it come any faster or go any better than I want it to. How many times do you really want me to write a post about how your life depends on this election, anyhow? You want meaty election-related posts? Try Tom Maguire, BfT, Michael Totten, PoliPundit or VodkaPundit, among other...pundits. Me, I'm going to follow in Ace's footsteps (who may have been following in mine, making it a bit like a circle jerk, without the messy cleanup) and do a lyrics quiz. Ace's quiz was better than any of my previous lyrics quizzes for the simple fact that he strived to make it hard by using just fragments of sentences instead of a whole lyric. So I'm going to be like the guy who buys an Expedition because his neighbor bought an explorer and make mine even harder! And bigger! And faster! Quiz below. Some of the songs are obscure, some are not. There's no rhyme or reason to the songs I chose, except that I was browsing art of the mix tape all morning. They span all genres and many years, so no one (I think) will get them all on the first comment. Try not to look at the previous comments before you give your answers because that's like cheating and cheaters just suck, man. Also, no Googling. Google, being much like and evil Santa Claus, will know if you are cheating on a quiz and will send electric shocks through your computer and into your brain, turning you into a zombie, just in time for Halloween! Winner gets a handful of leftover Halloween candy, with the Smarties removed.
[It's really not as hard as I made it out to be] 1. three sad semesters 2. no more flippin' burgers 3. perfect as cats 4. easier by three 5. harlots of my perils 6. the path is chainlinked 7. bus boy, bartender 8. holes in my jeans 9. choo-choo train 10. my dad's the mayor 11. expanding man 12. archetypal suicide 13. suffering, perversion, calamity 14. and your strain 15. bad skin 16. looked up my bottom 17. all the veins 18. put on a gown 19. my slow reply 20. and dancing bones 21. the old man's Ford 22. vcr's and vasoline 23. a gentle bossanova 24. my jammy Ok, there's only 24 songs because I've got work to do. But I have about 100 more and if this goes well, I'll use them later.


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I can safely say that I dont any songs with any lyrics like those above. Thank goodness.

10. Bitchin' Camaro, Dead Milkmen

7. Workin' for a Livin', Huey Lewis. I am embarassed to know that.

4. Glycerine, Bush. Great song!

I cannot recall any of them.

Thank you, Dr. Mierzwiak.

They're all Helmet songs. OK, just #12 (Unsung)

8. Story of My Life, Social D. Ok, this is fun but I need to get back to work. I think I'm stumped on the rest, but my daughter probably knows all the rest.

11) Deacon Blue, Steely Dan

And Embarrassed to say I know:

21) Talk Dirty to me, by Poison

(sigh) #20
Don't Pay the Ferryman...

and if Mark thinks he's embarrassed...

... oh, and if you didn't think it was embarrassing enough already, Chris DeBurgh wrote it and inflict... uhh,,, performed it. (and to make matters worse, I could go look at the vinyl disc to see if I spelled his name right, but I'm just not gonna do it)

1. Ben Folds Five, Army
2. Reel Big Fish, Sellout
13. Faith No More, Surprise, You're Dead! (FNM only No. 13?)
23. Petula Clark, Downtown (a nod to Seinfeld?)

24's a B-Boys song.

I can't remember exactly which one, but it's definitely B-Boys.

Rhymin' and Stealin'.

There we go.

Hah. NO. Not even the Beasties.

If 24 ain't the B-boys, then it's got to be ... Mama Said Knock You Out? "When I pull out my jammy, get ready 'cause it might go BLAOW, how you like me now"?

Jason got it. And the rest of you who guessed, got them right.

#3 - Let's Go To Bed - The Cure
#22 - Cake & Sodomy - Marilyn Manson